The 8 Best Movies or TV Shows Based on Greek Mythology, According to Reddit

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Successful book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians Getting a copy of Disney+ TV sparked people’s love for Greek mythology once again. Greek mythology has inspired interest in people from movies and TV shows to books for decades.

Rick Riordan, author of the books, is writing the version of the TV show that’s currently being filmed, so waiting for some new Greek mythology content will take some time. However, Redditors have shared other favorite Greek myths/ancient Greek movies and TV shows with them, giving fans some recommendations while they wait.

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Hercules (1997)

Disney has adapted the story of the Greek hero Heracles into a child-friendly animated film. It tells the story of Hercules, who falls to the ground and must find his way back to the home of his father, Zeus, through a series of trials and tribulations.

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While the movie doesn’t apply to Greek mythology at all, to the point of using the wrong version of Heracles’ name, it’s still a fun watch. user zaco He said, “For the visual appeal, the music and that’s the magic of Disney of course [it is good], but it takes a lot of inaccuracy with the actual myths. “The movie had to be family-friendly, and the old legends are just that. The animation style and catchy musical numbers helped fans fall in love with the movie, nonetheless.

Immortals (2011)

Immortals It is a recent attempt to retell the myths. Focusing loosely on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, it follows the mortal man, Theseus, as the gods choose him to fight King Hyperion and find the mysterious weapon – the Arc of Epirus.

While the story departs from the original legend, the movie is still fun. One Redditor He said, “Probably the best Greek mythology movie in appearance.” With its beautiful cinematography, steadfast design, and props, it is a gem worth seeing. For a non-horror movie, it’s gruesome and violent, which makes it not for the faint of heart. Henry Cavill in the lead role gives a stunning performance in this less subtle mythological thriller.

Medea (1969)

The film, directed by Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, recounts the legend of tidal. After a powerful witch helps Jason find the Golden Fleece, she is despised by Jason and the King. In exchange for her denial, she exacts revenge on them.

redditor O Lord She says they “love how cute it is,” a brand of Pasolini. His cinematography, as always, is beautiful to watch. It pays to have some prior knowledge of the source material beforehand, as Pasolini jumps straight into legend with a bit of background information, but his experimental take on Medea’s original story is one for movie fans.

Hercules in New York (1969)

Hercules in New York It isn’t based so much on Greek mythology, but it takes elements from the stories and puts them into the modern era. Bored with life, Hercules travels to modern-day New York to make a much-needed change. But Zeus begins to send the gods to Earth to bring him home.

While the assumption may seem silly, once it starts, it sucks for the viewer. Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfect as Hercules: his magic matches that of a god and his strength matches that of a fighter. Sardia Falls She said that she “has the best acting and a Hercules accent…impeccable.” With Arnold Schwarzenegger for Hercules, casting is as perfect as can be.

Hey brother, where are you? (2000)

The Coen brothers created the musical comedy, Hey brother, where are you? Loosely based on the Homer saga, it follows Ulysses, Delmar, and Pete after escaping from prison and trying to travel toward some hidden treasure. Of course, things aren’t as easy as they seem, and they bump into a series of popular elements.

George Clooney plays a fantastic odyssey alongside a cast full of great actors. user Kingdomspearl He said, “A great movie in terms of acting, score, cinematography and the way it reshapes the setting and stays true to the source.” Given its musical genre, it’s definitely a gritty retelling, but it’s all put together to create an interesting and beautiful movie. It is still highly praised for sticking to source materials well.

The Odyssey (1997)

Odyssey A three-hour television series from 1997 that tells the story of Homer’s poem that depicts the journey of Odysseus as he returns home after the Trojan War. It took him 10 years to reach his destination, and his journey is filled with many adventures and battles.

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The original story is long and packed with intricate plot that makes it nearly impossible to translate to screen, but this little series does amazingly well at including the majority of the source material, making it one of the few screen adaptations of Greek mythology to do just that. It’s visually stunning, and the actors are so well represented in their roles that everything falls into place. redditor Realistic illusions 77 “The homecoming section was really intense,” he says.

Clash of the Titans (1981)

battle of the titans It may be better known because it was released in 2010, but the original is still deeply loved. It tells the story of the Greek myth of Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus, who falls in love with Princess Andromeda and has to overcome mystical obstacles to win her hand.

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The film was aided by animator Ray Harryhausen, as he combined magical stop-motion sequences with live action. The cast is amazing in their roles, all famous stars who will go on to do so much more. The story has its own charm, giving it a sense of nostalgia. The journey is full of fun and exciting moments that any fan of legends will enjoy. redditor Kindoval He made it simple, “Honestly, a great movie.”

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

The original 1963 movie. Jason and the ArgonautsIt is a novel by Jason and the Golden Fleece. Jason sails with the best Greek fighters to find the magical Golden Fleece. During their journey, they encounter many mythical monsters that they must fight.

Although the movie is now decades old, it is still an entertaining watch. The film’s special effects were made by Ray Harryhausen, a brilliant stop motion animator. redditor Orleans “The creature’s effects blew my mind even in the ’80s,” he said, proving that the special effects are still appreciated to this day.

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