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Before lady gaga And the Bradley CooperAnd the Barbra Streisand And the Kris KristoffersonAnd the Judy Garland And the James Masonor Janet Gaynor And the Frederic Marchit was there Constance Bennett And the Lowell Sherman. The movie has been called What is the price of Hollywoodbut it was already the first version of A star is born, the classic tale of how stardom isn’t always cracked to be. The largely forgotten 1932 gem was one of the first major studio productions to capture the downside of show business, and in many ways, it was a more honest and realistic look at the Hollywood machine than any of the films that came after.

Based on the reporter’s story Adela Rogers St Johns and adapted to the screen by Jane Fowler And the Roland Brownthe story behind What is the price of Hollywood The similarities with A star is born Full of its own dramatic twists and turns. George Cukorboss what is hollywood price, He was later asked to direct the 1937 edition of A star is born With Gaynor and Mars. He refused to think that the plot was too similar to a Bennett Sherman movie. Interestingly enough, though, Cukor ended up directing the Garland-Mason version of A star is born in 1954. And in 1937, RKO Pictures, the studio that produced What is the price of Hollywoodthe producer threatened MGM David Selznick with Plagiarism suit When they found out about his plans to make a Gaynor-Mars version of A star is born. The threats never materialized, likely due to enough differences between the two films, and What is the price of Hollywood It really is a more advanced and daring story about the dark side of show business than A star is born The films that followed.

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Mary Evans is a leader who gets what she wants

It was made before the strict application of Hays Law, which greatly restricted what could be portrayed on the big screen, What is the price of Hollywood She took the risks that brought Asala the story of an ambitious young woman who dreams of stardom, gets it, and then wonders if she chased after the right dream. Start with the film’s heroine, Mary Evans (Bennett). Like female heroines in every A star is born Embodiment, she is young, ambitious, and wants to make her mark in the world of entertainment. But while all the characters in the other films are “good girls” who work hard at their crafts and hope for that big break, Marie is cunning, conniving, not always likable, and looking for shortcuts.

She’s a waitress at The Brown Derby in Los Angeles, the place where anyone comes to see and be seen. Marie is not above telling her co-workers that she will do whatever it takes to get the producer or director to notice her. Enter Max Carey (Sherman), one of Tinseltown’s most famous film directors. Like male lead in A star is born Movies, Max is an elderly, desperate alcoholic who watches his massive career fade away. Unlike other male characters, Max’s sexuality is ambiguous. His racy demeanor, and his campy style certainly wouldn’t lead anyone to believe he was a lady killer. Having just bought a whole box of floral arrangements from an elderly woman selling them on the sidewalk outside, Max walks into The Brown Derby and hands it to all of the restaurant’s patrons and staff, including the huge male chef. There is another wink and nod to the gay crowd in this scene when Max, stumbling into his booth, bumps into a masculine-looking woman dressed in menswear. “I beg your pardon, old man,” Max says in his drunken haze. When he takes a better look and realizes he’s talking to a woman, he apologizes, then quipped, “Who’s your tailor?” It’s interesting to speculate that Max’s addiction to alcohol may be related to his authentic self-suppression, something the movie alludes to, but which cannot be fully explored.

Max Curry is a major guy who isn’t interested in romance

in A star is bornCelebrity boys discover young novices and follow them romantically, but in What is the price of HollywoodIt’s Mary who’s going after Max, and for commercial purposes only. Likewise, Max seems to have no interest in Mary other than helping her set her foot inside the Hollywood Sound stage. When Mary sees Max sitting at someone else’s station in the restaurant, she begs her co-worker to let her wait. “I’m looking for a break and I’m going to get it,” Marie tells her fellow waitress. Ruthless in her pursuit of fame, Mary takes a direct line to Max and immediately tells him that she wants to become a movie star. Max is on his way to the premiere of his latest movie, but he doesn’t have a female companion to accompany him, so he takes Mary away. They walk together on the red carpet at Grauman’s Chinese Theater as tongues begin to vibrate about the potential new star on Max’s arm.

Mary wakes up the next morning at Max’s house, but on his sofa, not in his bed. Max can hardly remember the events of the night before, so Mary reminds him of two things: Max hasn’t made any romantic gestures towards her (she frankly notes that it’s the first time this has happened to her) and she needs his help to become a movie star. Max pulls some strings to get Marie a minor role in the movie, and sooner than you can tell “it’s a shot”, her career is on hold. unlike in A star is bornHowever, Max has no interest in being Mary’s mentor. This task is left to producer Julius Sachs (Gregory Ratovbest remembered for his role as producer in that other showbiz movie, All about Eve). When Marie got her first contract with the studio and told Max excitedly, “I’m in the pictures,” his sarcastic response was, “Well, don’t blame me.”

Marie finds a strong friend in a rare relationship

in all versions A star is bornthe heroine’s rise to fame is meteoric, the same in What is the price of Hollywood. Mary became the movie’s biggest box office hit, and with it all the spoils came – a beautiful home in the hills, cuddly lovers, and romantic overtures by the city’s most eligible bachelors. But a unique side What is the price of Hollywood is Marie’s relationship with her black maid Bonita (Louise Bevers). While the Beavers role is unfortunately molded in regards to her character being a maid of wealthy white women, Marie sees Bonita as her best friend and protector, a relationship rarely depicted on screen in the 1930s. Like Marie, Bonita is also looking for her big break, and there is a funny scene where Bonita meets Max, then she gives an impromptu audition by singing an informal performance of the song All of Me. Throughout all of Mary’s ups and downs in the film, Bonita has been there for Mary as a singular, dependable, and certainly atypical big screen portrayal of a friendship between two women of different races, given the era (pioneering in 1934) life imitation with Claudette Colbert and the beaver being a notable exception).

Marie seeks marriage for publicity

Mary eventually gets a love interest in the movie, a famous polo player named Lonny Borden (Neil Hamilton), but unlike in A star is bornMarie remains highly focused on her career and is reluctant to get involved with Lonny because he’s not in the show business and he can’t do much to help her career. Julius, Marie’s producer, convinces her that a big Hollywood-style wedding would be great publicity, so Marie tied the knot with Lonny. When she tells Max that she is going to marry Lonnie, Max tells her about two things that won’t last – a “liver marriage and a movie star.”

Mary and Max’s fates are intertwined just as they are in the birth of a star

Max is now completely on the sidelines, no longer in Mary’s life and no longer employable in Hollywood. Mary gets her husband and all the good publicity that goes with it, but Looney is less fond of being known as “Mr. Mary Evans.” In different versions of A star is bornThe heroine has little control over her life with the rise of her star. However, in this movie, Mary is completely in charge and realizes that everything she does, from the house she buys, to the clothes she wears, to the parties she throws, is part of the “show” of show business. She became completely immersed in the Hollywood lifestyle, much to the consternation of her husband. But while Marie is still focused on her career, she has not lost her sympathy for Max and remains grateful to him for helping her get started.

in A star is bornthe alcoholism of a man leads to his eventual downfall, which is similar in What is the price of Hollywood. Max is taken to prison for being drunk and disorganized, and Mary bails him out, then brings him to her house to help him become reality. This is the last straw for Mary Lonny’s husband, and he goes to her saying, “You’re letting me down. No privacy, home life.” After her split from Lonny, Mary turns her attention to Max’s treatment, but Max, realizing that he’s spoiled both his career and Mary’s personal life, puts a gun to his head and ends his life in Mary’s bedroom. climax A star is born It is the main man’s suicide, with the achievement being the last appearance and heartbreaking performance of his widow (think “One Look at You” with Barbra Streisand and “I’ll Never Love Again” with Lady Gaga). But in What is the price of HollywoodMax’s death creates a whole new drama.

As a single mother plagued by scandal, Mary loses control

When gossip columns report Max’s death at Mary’s home, scandal erupts. What was Max doing in her house? Where was Mary’s separated husband? How did Mary participate in Max’s death? Destructive gossip stops Marie’s film career in its tracks. Mary’s films were banned from movie theaters because she became Hester Prine in the film industry. For the first time, Mary is no longer in control, and she struggles to understand why she is being ostracized. Her producer Julius bluntly told her, “You’re a movie star. You belong to the audience. They make and break you.”

To add fuel to the fire, Mary is pregnant. With her husband deserting her, she must raise her child as a single mother, a scenario not shown in 1930s films. Then, in the wake of being described as a wild woman, Mary receives word that her ex-husband Lonny is planning to return to Los Angeles to seek custody of the couple’s son. Terrified of losing her child, Marie left her film career behind for good and fled to France, Bonita on her way. Marie get some A star is bornSimilar to redemption when her ex-husband comes to France, not to take Mary’s son, but to reconcile with her and relay the news from Julius in Los Angeles that fans have learned the true story behind Max’s death, she has been “forgiven”, and a return awaits her.

Despite the somewhat comforting happy ending, What is the price of Hollywood He must be commended for his progressive display of complex characters, especially Mary, a career-driven woman – a single mother – who controls her own life and makes her own decisions. For its time, it was also a somewhat cynical look at Hollywood and the film industry’s ability to quickly build and tear someone down. For these reasons alone, it represents a much more honest and truthful look at business presentation than A star is born It should be remembered for its frankness.

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