10 minor characters in TV shows whose story is more interesting than the story of the main character(s)

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Many TV shows have enjoyed long-term success thanks to some dramatic or comedic scripts backed by a strong cast. But what turns the occasional viewer into a fan is the unforgettable cast of characters, especially the hero(s).

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The main character (or characters) must stand out by combining quirkiness, humour, intelligence and charisma. Their story should be the funniest if it’s a comedy or the most complicated if it’s a drama. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes a secondary character’s story overshadows everyone else’s story and grabs the audience’s attention and praise.

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Sonia Ramirez in Modern Family

This show centered around the life of Guy Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) and his children and their families. Sonia Ramirez (Stephanie BeatrizShe was the younger sister of Gloria Pritchett.Sofia Vergara), Jay’s second wife. The character has appeared in a few funny and memorable episodes.

At first glance, it seems that Sonya is a rather unstable and dangerous person. Always fighting with her sister Gloria, the show tried so hard to make her the bad guy. But as more of Sonya’s backstory is revealed, it soon becomes clear who the real villain is. All good came in Sonya’s way, Gloria took him. And now, she’s just trying to get back what was rightfully hers in the first place. Her attempts are so exciting that every episode featuring her turns into a mini telenovela.

Ellis Gray in the movie Gray’s Anatomy

Pursuing the medical career and life of Meredith GrayEllen Pompeo), this drama is still going strong after 18 seasons. Although the show focuses on Meredith, her mother’s incomplete life is the most interesting.

Married to a man who resented her for not being the wife and mother he thought his family needed, Ellis Gray (Kate BurtonCheat on him with a co-worker. Not wanting to become a mother, Ellis put her work first. And it paid off, winning the prestigious Harper Avery award twice. Unfortunately, she contracted early Alzheimer’s disease. A brilliant mind lost to dementia, a daughter raised to be a cruel surgeon, a love affair doomed to fail with a secret love child. Her life was complicated as it was.

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Frank Constanza in “Seinfeld”

“The Show About Nothing” came after the unlikely friendship of four New Yorkers in the 1990s. One of them was George Constanza (Jason Alexander), who maintained a complex and strained relationship with his father, Frank Constanza (Jerry Stiller). But even though George was one of the main characters, Frank’s appearance was the source of many hilarious episodes.

Frank was boisterous, grumpy, mistrustful, and very cheap, and his son was no different. A man of many ideas, Frank was the inventor of “Festivus,” an alternative Christmas holiday, and co-created the “Bro,” a men’s bra. Frank, a Korean veteran, wasn’t the warmest pair. But his wife Estelle (Estelle Harris), he wasn’t shy, and to see the two interact was pure comedic gold.

Mary Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

This funny series mixed with intellectual and was a huge success. Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) was the most unusual and brightest of the main characters. But he was rude, selfish and arrogant. Therefore, it was surprising to discover that he was raised in a deeply religious household by a loving mother, Mary Cooper (Laurie Metcalfe).

Mary was a devout Christian, mother of three, and widow, and with her natural warmth, she was the opposite of her son. Her serious stance and political blunder resulted in some embarrassing and funny scenes. However, the few episodes in which Mary Cooper appeared has left audiences wondering about Sheldon’s childhood. I have spawned a successful episodic advance copy, Young Sheldonin which Sheldon’s relationship with his family is explored.

Janis Littmann Goralnik in Friends

Set in Manhattan, New York, the show follows the lives of six young friends, and touches on jobs, relationships, marriage, and children. However, a recurring character has left her mark, and her unique voice, laughter and unforgettable catchphrase make her a staple.

The main characters were described as annoying, and there was nothing really upsetting about Janice (Maggie Wheeler). Funny, loyal, and kind, Janice was a good friend and loyal friend of Chandler (Matthew Perry), despite his unofficial separation from her on several occasions. The show wanted her to be that annoying person with a nasal voice and hateful laughter. But Janice won her place in the public’s heart by being flawed and pertinent.

Petra Solano in Jane the Virgin

This show revolved around Jane Villanueva (Jenna Rodriguez), which was accidentally fertilized while still a virgin. This show was full of unique and funny characters, without fear of self-deprecation. However, no one’s story was as interesting as that of Petra Solano (Yael Grobullas).

She was presented as the villain, and the backstory of Petra gave a more in-depth look at who she really was. Manipulated by her mother, Petra grew up believing that cheating and stealing were the way to go. But once I met Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), she had a chance at a decent life, and she seized it. But her tormenting past kept catching up with her. In the end, she overcame her demons.

Paris Geller in Gilmore Girls

This show revolved around Lorelai (Lauren Graham(and Rory)Alexis Bledel) Gilmore, a charming mother-daughter duo with extensive knowledge of movies, books and music, and an unhealthy addiction to coffee and a cast-iron metal. The show and its characters seemed almost too idyllic until Paris Geller (Lisa Will) made it appear.

Paris was smart, arrogant, mercurial, a force to be reckoned with, and she told everyone. The daughter of wealthy but busy parents, she was raised by a Portuguese governess. Driven and ambitious, she was obsessed with being the best. Paris sometimes teetered on the brink of madness but she was always on the mend. It was chaos in Rory’s perfect world but she proved to be a loyal friend and strong ally.

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Carol Pelletier in The Walking Dead

Set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, this amazing show follows a group of survivors trying to find a safe haven. One is notorious for killing lovable characters, and outsmarting the rest of the show’s original remaining survivors. A shy and battered woman rose to become a fearless warrior.

Carol Pletter (Melissa McBride) in an abusive relationship when a deadly virus swept the world that turned everyone into zombies or “walkers”. She was also the mother of a little girl named Sophia (Madison Lintz). She has lost her husband and child, but this latest event has awakened something in Carol. The kind, gentle woman has disappeared to make way for a ferocious survivor with a somewhat questionable moral compass that stops at nothing to protect those she cares about.

Jeffrey Butler in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The show that kicked off will SmithActing career tells the story of a Philadelphia teenager sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel Air. But the illustrious butler, Jeffrey Butler (Joseph Marcel), stole many scenes and had a historical background throughout the ages.

Born and raised in England and educated at Oxford University, Jeffrey was once an Olympic runner. He cheated by taking a taxi back to the Olympic Stadium, where he was stripped of his gold medal. Jeffrey moved to the USA and worked as a sparring server for Chuck Norris before working with the Banks family, who didn’t seem to really appreciate him. But he always had a witty and funny comeback at the ready.

Kitty Foreman on That ’70s Show

Although the main focus of this show was on children, one parent stood out from the rest. Thanks to her deceptive and jolly demeanor, she hid a feisty little woman, Kitty Foreman (Debra Jo RobIt quickly became the reason people liked the show. Kitty was the kind of mom who cooked from scratch and cut the peel. With the clean house, hair styled, and ironed clothes, she gave the impression of having it all together.

But when life gave her more than she could handle, Kitty unabashedly turned to alcohol and the occasional cigarette. She was the wife of an angry Korean War veteran and the mother of a decadent daughter, a spoiled son, and a wise son. With outbursts of anger, she quickly regained her composure and hid her displeasure under a peal of forced laughter. Despite her small stature, Kitty was respected among adults and children.

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