7 fights we want to see in the final arc

Shanks and Blackbeard One Piece

piece He’s finally entering the final story saga after the conclusion of Wano Country arc and with Oda planning to end the series within the next three years, it’s time for the story to focus on the most important events.

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With the world’s major factions battling for supremacy, some of the biggest clashes are set to happen and fans have been waiting for some in anticipation for a long time now.

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7 Luffy vs Blackbeard

Luffy finally grew into a powerful pirate and made his way to Yonko’s location. In doing so, Shanks admired how recent events have unfolded.

Where piece At its end now, one of Luffy’s main rivals is none other than Blackbeard, who opposes him for the title of Pirate King. Their fight is something fans have been waiting for for ages. With all eyes on One Piece, this gigantic clash will surely be something that radically changes the balance of the world.

6 Zoro vs Mihawk

Mihawk has held the title of the world’s most powerful swordsman for a long time now. He has been challenged by many opponents over the course of time but none of them have made as much of an impression on him as Roronoa Zoro. On the other hand, Zoro trained hard and rigorously to become a capable swordsman, with the goal of surpassing Dracule Mihawk and winning the title of greatest.

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Their fight is definitely something fans have been looking forward to from the start piece days. What makes this fight even more significant is the promise Zoro made to his childhood friend, Kuina. To finally claim the title of Best and keep a promise he once made, Zoro will end up defeating Dracule Mihawk once and for all.

5 Usopp vs Usopp

Usopp is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, and despite being a once coward, he has proven his worth over the years. Usopp is the son of a famous pirate named Yasopp, who is one of the CEOs of the Red Hair Pirates. The two haven’t seen each other for a long time, and in the upcoming arc, fans may see Yasopp auditioning for his son to see how far he’s come.

If such a fight takes place, then the fans will have an incredible fight between two excellent snipers. The fight would also establish their relationship again, which is definitely something fans have been waiting to see.

4 dragon vs emo

The World Government and the Revolutionary Army have been at each other’s throats for a very long time – even before the series even started. The leaders of both factions, Monkey D Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and Imo, the ruler of the World Government, are certainly of great importance.

Fans know that Dragon is a very powerful individual that people all over the world fear. On the other hand, Imu’s powers and capabilities had yet to be seen. In the last war pieceFans may witness this amazing clash of titans from the world of One Piece.

3 Sanji vs Kizaru

Sanji and Kizaru share a lot of similarities between them which makes them a perfect match in combat. Being an admiral, Kizaru is expected to be a very powerful individual who gave everyone a chance to get their money back. He prefers to fight using his legs in close combat, just like Sanji, who also uses his legs in combat situations.

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Furthermore, Kizaru’s fighting style focuses on speed and weight, something that Sanji also excels at. His battle against the Queen saw him progress to the next level, however, and it was time for him to take command of the Navy. His fight against Kizaru is something fans want to see.

2 Luffy vs Akeno

Akainu is easily one of the best villains in his entirety piece, if not the best. As an obnoxious character, his actions are deeply rooted in the hearts of both Luffy and fans alike. Not only has he killed countless innocents, he is also responsible for killing the beloved character, Ace, in the most horrific way possible.

Luffy, who had witnessed this before his eyes, would definitely want to overthrow the man who had affected him so badly, both figuratively and literally. Since Luffy is so powerful now, he’s now in a position to challenge Akeno and maybe even defeat him.

1 Shanks vs. Blackbeard

Shanks and Blackbeard are opposites that are destined to clash sometime in the future. The reason behind their rivalry has not been revealed, however, their relationship with each other is deep. Fans were waiting to clash, and while Oda was teasing her during the Marineford arc, the actual fight was called off by Blackbeard, who felt he wasn’t ready at the moment.

At some point, Shanks and Blackbeard will clash against each other and when that happens, it could lead to the most incredible fight in the series. This fight will most likely happen in the final arc of One Piece and fans can’t wait long because the wait for this fight has been too long. MORE: One Piece: The biggest bonus increase in the series

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