8 weirdest gaming plot twists

The Strangest Gaming Plot Twists

Such as gaming industry It evolved, as did the need for titles to feature stunning graphics, compelling gameplay, and great stories to watch from start to finish. The latter is an area in which video games have evolved quite a bit, and the end result has been that some video games have become so well known for their amazing stories that will send fans in for an episode with how amazing their stories really are.

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This is especially true in the case of plot twists, where some games are so great when it comes to these distractions that they will take players completely by surprise. However, there are times when plot twists in certain games can be very strange for many reasons, with the most prominent examples in this regard given below.

Today’s video games

8 The whole game was a dream (Super Mario Bros. 2)

Super Mario Bros.2 Not really a heavy game in the story department. Instead, the tight platforming that gamers have come to expect from these games is what makes this sequel so likable in the eyes of many.

However, the ending of this game felt totally unexpected. After beating the last boss, one of the shots goes to Mario dreaming about the events of the game, reducing the overall experience.

7 Almost all of the party members belong to the same orphanage (Final Fantasy 8)

F . model is locatedinal imagination The series has huge story scopes that can be mind-boggling in and of itself. So, when these games try to incorporate plot twists, the results can be quite mixed.

plot development from Final Fantasy 8 What was cursed by many talked about the amnesia that everyone in the game suffered after using the Guardian Forces for so long. That’s why none of them remembered that, except for Renoa, everyone was originally from the same orphanage too!

6 Ellie Letting Abby Live (The Last Of Us Part 2)

overall The Last of Us Part 2 Full of confusing statements about revenge being a useless act despite the game’s glorified act of killing. So, when the players finally got their hands on Abby, everyone expected Ellie to deal a fatal blow.

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However, that is not the case, and Ellie decides to let Abby go despite killing almost all of her friends and chasing them like an animal. The Last of Us Part 2 He has one of the most confusing narratives in a video game, and this moment definitely epitomizes it.

Almost everyone expected to play Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid 2. However, fans were thrown into an episode when Solid Snake was shelved in favor of Raiden, who became the game’s protagonist.

At the time, this development infuriated many fans who hated the idea of ​​playing as someone else. Over time, the reception for this bold move has been more positive, although some players still find the turnover to be abysmal. Metal Gear Solid 2 It ranks as one of the worst games in the series for them.

4 Being the only survivor’s son is the leader of the institute (Fallout 4)

Throughout the entire game, Sole Survivor searches extensively in an attempt to locate his missing son. After a long journey where he killed many enemies from the institute, he found sole survivor Sean… only for the truth to be something totally brutal.

It turns out that the lone survivor has been cryopreserved longer than he expected, as Sean is an old man almost on his deathbed who wants his father to take over as institute leader. This revelation made perfect sense… if only the institute had worked so hard trying to kill his potential leader over and over again!

3 Hugo being the father of Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)

Final Fantasy 7 It was a standout game for SquareSoft, which made it one of the largest and most popular JRPG developers during the genre’s golden years. Fans absolutely loved the story Final Fantasy 7with Erith’s death, which was so heartbreaking.

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However, the game contains another plot that most fans find somewhat strange, as it was later revealed that Hojo was actually Sephiroth’s father. The fact that this child is apparently with the woman who used to be Vincent’s fiancée made this side plot even more complicated for no reason at all.

2 Alice Being an Android Allong (Detroit: Be Human)

David Cage games have a habit of real brain-melting sports plot twists that make absolutely no sense. This was the case with Detroit: Be humanCara discovers that the kid she’s been protecting has been a robot the whole time.

This twist would have made more sense if Alice had not been an artificial model in which more people could participate in the game. It was really hard to fathom the fact that Cara had somehow missed all the ads promoting this kid.

1 Scott Shelby being an origami killer (Heavy Rain)

Heavy rain Probably the best Quantic Dream title out there. However, even this murder mystery is riddled with many problems, with most of them emerging when the identity of the Origami Killer is revealed.

The Origami Killer turned out to be Scott Shelby, one of the characters that players were controlling. This raises several loopholes in the plot especially when it comes to Manfred’s separation, which becomes completely illogical due to this twist.

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