After the altar caused her to ‘restore’ to disintegrate…

Iyanna McNeely Love Is Blind Season Two

Ianna Jones says that love blinded her to make decisions about the relationship. The reunion will make her relive her experiences in the relationship. .

Ianna McNeely says so Love is blind: after the altar He will make her relive the experience of her divorce from Garrett Jones. Viewers watched Ayana’s relationship with Jared evolve during their time love is blind. The pair formed an instant connection but Jarrett established relationships with others as well. Ayana struggled to accept Garrett’s feelings for her because she felt she was his second choice. However, Jarrett proposed to Iana in the hope of developing their relationship further.

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Throughout the show, fans noted that Ayana was not comfortable with Jarrett’s lifestyle and choices. He appears to be still interested in Mallory Zapata, who he turned down before offering him to Ayana. Ayana hoped it would fit in with Garrett’s life but wanted him to bring more stability into the relationship. Although Ayana had her doubts, her feelings for Garrett allowed her to overcome her fears. The two managed to marry at the end of the season.

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However, after one year of marriage, the couple decided that they needed a divorce. Ayana says that Love is blind: after the altar will make it”You get back a lot of things, which is the hardest part.On the podcast empath diaryAnd the Ayana says she has been struggling with feeling like a priority in the relationship. keep saying,I don’t regret taking the risk“In their relationship but they felt there was a need to make a decision before the reunion episodes came out. There was pressure to know where their relationship was because they needed to open up about their experiences on the show. Ayana says they might have had more time to understand what the problem was if it wasn’t for the pressure of the reunion exists.

Iyanna also opens up about how she envisioned it love is blind She changed while she was experiencing the evolution of her relationship. The recording caused Iyanna to worry because she was hoping everyone had good intentions. While I thought this was a naive mindset, I tried to remain positive during the experiment. Ayana says thatLook at the stability of the marriageAnd he chose to work on being prepared for the possibility of finding a match in the offer. But she struggled to recognize her ability to have a good judgment during the trial because she felt rushed. She wanted people to have a fair chance while making the best decision for her future. She was not sure of her decisions because she could not get support from her friends and family.

Ayana has dealt with a lot of backlash due to her choice to deal with her marriage. She says that people feel like they know everything about her relationship; However, they make comments based on assumptions. Ayana works to brush off hateful comments in order to come to terms with her relationship. Fans hope to get more insight into Iyanna and Jarrette’s experience love is blind: after the altar.

source: Dairy from empath/audio notation, People

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