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Destiny 2 Fallen Sunstar And Arc Warlock

Latest update 3.0 for subcategories in . format Fate 2 Arrived in Season 18: Arc. It was this sub-category that undoubtedly needed the most work for Bungie, which is why it took so long for it to be released for players to try out. The new update brought some major changes to Titans and Hunters, but Warlocks generally didn’t go through drastic changes.

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A few new effects were introduced this season: amplification, shockwave, and blinding. The blaster allows players to move faster and improve the way they handle weapons. Shake is a shield applied to enemies, causing them to deliver lightning damage to other nearby enemies if they take more damage while shaking them. Finally, blinding prevents enemies from firing their weapons, and in PVP, player screens will be hidden.

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With seasonal vocabulary in mind, here’s what Arc Warlocks can do with Arc 3.0 in Fate 2.

Arc, sides and splinters abilities

Arch is the last subclass to receive processing 3.0, preceded by Void and Solar. Players can pick up new bombs and shrapnel from Ikora at the Tower, versus Glimmer. Players can now create different builds by customizing different parts and aspects to their needs, whether it is a basic player or a player versus player.

Not much is new to Arc Warlocks. However, for those who enjoy quick power regeneration and cooldown amplification, the new Arc 3.0 Warlock has some hidden gems.

Arch class abilities

In terms of class abilities, there is nothing new for Warlocks. Since Arc focuses primarily on speed and damage, and its effects don’t really provide any health regeneration or healing, players may want to prioritize rift healing.

On top of that, the Healing Rift will pair well with the Arc Soul aspect and give it a flavor of damage, so even players who usually use the Empowering Rift to get a lot of damage can consider switching to the Healing Rift.

brawl arc

The melee section is where things get a little more exciting. Players have the choice between two brawls, both of which work well in both PVE and PVP sandboxes.

  • lightning ball: Players will get to know this original Arc melee game, with excellent scope. Generates an explosive arc blast at the target location. While inflating it, there are additional explosions.
  • lightning series: A melee is closer in range but will shake the target and create a lightning streak to other nearby targets. As it amplifies, the range of the lightning streak increases.

arc bombs

Warlocks now have access to many other Arc grenades in the game, but some of my favorite grenades have already appeared. Among the bombs available, these are the options players should consider in Arclock:

  • storm bomb: Summons a concentrated thunderstorm at the target location.
  • pulse bomb: Deals crossbow damage at target location.
  • Flashbang bomb: Inflicts damage and hides any targets trapped in it. This grenade is also ideal for PVP due to its low lag, and can be a nuisance to enemy players, as it clears their interface and clears their screens.

sides of the arc

There are three sides of the arc for Warlocks, and each one offers some interesting buffs. It’s important to note that Arc Souls now has its own unique side, so if players want to take advantage of it while using Rifts, equipping the Getaway Artist Exotic Gloves will not be enough anymore.

  • Arc Soul: Casting an empowering or healing crack results in a bow spirit, which is a small tower that shoots up for the player. Allies will also get an Arc Soul if they pass the player’s rift, and nearby allies will boost the player’s Rift recharge rate. When amplified, the Arc Soul shoots faster.
  • Electrostatic mind: In order to create ionic effects, this is what Aspect players will need. Ionic effects give the player ability power and amplify it when captured. This aspect creates ionic effects when players get the Arc ability to kill or defeat enemies who have been blinded or shocked. This is by far one of the strongest aspects, and the core of most PVE build.
  • lightning rush: This aspect modifies the Warlock’s melee ability. When players slide and press melee, they will teleport forward, defeating and catching targets as they reappear. An impressive yet specialized ability, mostly the cornerstone of PVP construction.

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bow shards

Parts will enable and modify Warlock designs. Some of the tops include:

  • spark beacons: Checkered bow rounds, this piece allows players to create blinding explosions using the final blows of a special bow weapon when amplified.
  • spark resistance: When players are surrounded by enemies, they have increased damage resistance. This is great, given how often Arc designs force players into melee range.
  • shock spark: Arc bombs will gain the ability to hit targets. Great for PVE where shaking is key on Arc.
  • spark ions: Killing an enemy under attack will drop an ionic effect. This part is necessary if players want to play with Ionic Traces, but don’t want to invest in the Electrostatic Mind aspect.
  • spark discharge: Final strikes with bow weapons now have a chance to generate ionic effects. Again, like Spark of Ions, this is a must if players want to use Ionic Traces but don’t want to choose the Electrostatic Mind side.
  • spark recharging: Increased recharge rate of melee capabilities and grenades when critically wounded. This part is cool with weird elements like The Stag and the Arc Soul side.
  • spark size: Suspended bombs such as storm bombs, lightning bombs, and pulse bombs have a longer duration. Great for PVE, where players want to make the most of their grenade making abilities.

super bow

The Incredibles are the weakest part of Arc Warlocks. Both Chaos Reach and Stormtrance are fairly weak when it comes to damage, and do poorly on Supers damage. Hence, the best use of Arc Supers for Warlocks is to remove ads to get additional “oomph” of medium damage. On the bright side, it doesn’t really matter which Super is chosen, as ability gameplay is far more important to Arc Warlocks than raising their Supers.

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For those who still insist on investing in Arc Supers, here are the details. Mayhem pairs well with Geomag’s stabilizers and can clear an entire room of ads as the Super extends with every kill. However, Stormtrance has been refined and is more mobile and mobile, allowing players to teleport and destabilize enemies in Emperor Palpatine style. This Super also pairs well with Stormdancer’s Brace, which takes out damage with every kill and also returns the super power at the end of the Super.

Modify and modify artifact

Elemental Well mods are still prevalent in Season 18, and Arc 3.0 pairs perfectly with them. Arc Elemental Well mods mostly deal melee damage, so building around it will need players to build melee abilities as well.

  • Punching well: Gain extra fighting power when capturing an elemental bow well.
  • Ion well: Capturing a bow element bore improves melee damage.
  • Well Maker Cost Increase: Using the termination unit, two wells are dropped from Arc Elemental Wells.

Pair it with other typical Elemental Well mods such as Melee Wellmaker and Elemental Ordnance to make wells, and players will get a highly functional clash builder. Font of Might is also great for players who use Arc weapons with their build, as it boosts damage, and can be a killer addition when paired with high DPS weapons like Stormchaser, The Hothead, or even Forbearance.

From seasonal artifacts, there are a few decent options.

  • The best one so far is without a doubt lightning strikes twice, which enhances the grenade recharge rate immediately after the bow grenade is thrown. Recording the final arc strokes will increase this effect.
  • For players who want to improve Arc Supers, resounding retort Ideal, as it increases the damage of the Arc Super if the Super is thrown into a critical state or while being inflated.
  • Ionic effects can be fun to play with, but players who prefer not to have an electrostatic mind because their side can choose Evidence tracking mod instead. Killing enemies rejected by Arc will result in an Ion Effect.

Weapons and equipment

There aren’t a lot of exotic pieces of armor that Warlocks can choose from, which makes the construction somewhat simpler but also somewhat outdated on Arc Warlocks. Choosing an Exotic will greatly affect how much Warlocks are able to exit the class, so choose carefully. To boost the Arc Supers, players can try out the classic Geomag stabilizers that increase the reach of chaos with each kill or Stormdancer’s Brace for additional damage and extra super power.

Other good Sagittarius exotics include:

  • Sunstar fell: An all-new Exotic helmet that ramps up your Ionic Traces. They give extra ability power, and nearby allies will also benefit from this power.
  • Storm crown: Final hits with bow abilities or vibration targets grant ability energy and also increase the duration of the storm.
  • Getaway artist: These bizarre gloves have now been reworked with Arc Souls becoming one aspect. The gloves allow players to charge their grenade in the Arc Soul. It also gives amplification.

For non-Arc exotic items, players can also try:

  • deer: Falling into critical health will restore the crack energy. It pairs well with builds that build on Arc Souls on an ongoing basis.
  • Karnstein Armlets: Melee kills activate the vampire’s hug, which heals and regenerates health. Considering how much Arc relies on melee abilities, this is a great alien cure.

Elemental Well designs continue to be very powerful even with Arc 3.0, which means matching weapon damage to Arc subclass damage is key. Some of the cool Arc weapons you can get this season include:

  • Malicious Pulse Gun: Student raid vow
  • The dull biting scout rifle: Seasonal Activities and Starchart
  • Patience grenade launcher: Student raid vow
  • Photosensitive exotic tomb gun fusion: Season Pass Reward
  • Reckless Rocket Launcher: Grand Master’s Nights
  • Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle: dungeon double

Fate 2 Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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