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Get ready to see more fun and passion in your documents because Google Docs has a file new shortcut This makes it easier than ever to quickly access and add emojis.

Lately, Google has been busy adding several features and options to Docs, including the ability to interact with an emoji back in April. However, the company is now fully integrated into emoji adoption, where you will be able to insert an emoji into the text within seconds.

This new feature is integrated into the “Insert” shortcut found in Google. When you start a new document, you’ll see a popup that says “Type @ to insert”, but if you start typing too fast, it will disappear. This shortcut actually allows for all kinds of swipe input, and now when you type something like smile, it will populate a list of smiley emojis to use in place of words.

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Alternatively, you can type “:” to quickly get a similar list. Basically, Google did this so that all Docs users would have to do is type “@:” or “:” to see a dropdown list of emojis. You can navigate the entire catalog and choose what you want.

So, if you don’t know exactly which emoji you’re looking for, type “@:” or “:” to get a list of them all. Or, if you know, type “smile,” and a list of smiley emojis will appear.

The new emoji shortcut has already started to be implemented in workspace and personal Google accounts. However, Google mentioned that it could take up to 15 days for select users to see it. After that, a more general release will arrive on September 12th.

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