Elden Ring player indicates useful flame torch trick

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A short clip shows a new trick that can make a Heaven’s Flame spell activate much faster than casting it the way it was intended.

player in elden ring He found a new way to use the flame of the Fallen God incantation that could make the incantation much faster than the intended means. The score allows players to bring a strategy into PVP that uses FromSoftware’s iconic fire magic to inflict massive amounts of damage to enemies and other players.

While the blast from the fireball generated by the Flame of the Fell God can be impressively powerful, the time cast can make it far more dangerous than rewarding. This danger is made more difficult as the spell deactivates after casting when the fireball needs to travel a short distance before exploding. However, one elden ring The player has found an interesting trick that can reduce this waiting time and cause an instant explosion to surprise opponents.

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Posted on elden ring subreddit Reddit user gwynsbooty demonstrates this amazing trick to shoot the Flame of the Fell God and instantly blast a summoned fireball directly at another player. The trick is to cast the spell into a wall or pole, which still takes the same amount of time as the initial cast, but cuts out the part of the spell where the mini-sun tries to track enemies before exploding. As a result, the caster can quickly kill his opponent, which can be an achievement on his own when it comes to fighting other players in the game. elden ringplayer against player.

Skipping an entire stage of casting the Flame of the Fell God makes it more useful in more active combat situations, relying less on tracking the spell itself and more on instant blasting. However, the clip shows that the chosen player chooses to find a place to catch his opponent off guard and mitigate the initial serve time as well. So, while this tactic can eliminate secondary waiting time, finding ways to reduce it elden ringCasting time for the initial release of the mini sun can improve the spell.

Casting spells at any FromSoftware address can easily reduce the difficulty in some battles, as staying away from strong sorcery and spamming even the toughest can melt away. elden ring Employers without being beaten. To some extent the same can also be said for PvP, although most players who regularly fight others can easily avoid the spam method. However, Flame of the Fell God trick can be a powerful tool depending on the environment, a quick blast can give a greater advantage to a skilled player.

elden ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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