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Souls-like action-like RPG Remnant: From the Ashes may get a sequel, as its developer Gunfire Games is reportedly gearing up for another title.

The rest: from the ashes It might get a sequel sometime in the future, as its developer Gunfire Games recently introduced key phrase trademarks that suggest a follow-up game might be on the way. Released back in 2019, The rest: from the ashes It is a Souls-like game that has been praised for its unique setting and approach to the genre. The rest: from the ashes It received positive reviews upon its release, which prompted many fans to question whether Gunfire Games would build on this success by making a sequel.

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Already, a prequel to The rest: from the ashes Released again in 2020, titled Kronos: Before the ashes. unlike The rest: from the asheswhich causes the player and their friends to team up to eliminate an evil entity known as Root, Kronos: Before the ashes It sees fans enter a mysterious labyrinth to save the player character’s homeland from a great evil. While Kronos: Before the ashes Most of them received average reviews from critics, which does not mean that Gunfire Games will abandon the franchise, and perhaps instead of a prequel game, the studio decided to delve more into the fight against Root.

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Now, there seems to be a new possibility Rest The title is in the works, as Reddit user known as LongJonSiIver has discovered some interesting trademarks provided by Gunfire Games. One is dedicated to “Remnant 2”, while another is made specifically to “Remnant: From the Ashes 2.” While this might immediately interest fans, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a sequel to The rest: from the ashes It will be revealed anytime soon.

Gunfire Games branding for a potential sequel could indicate a number of things, including the studio protecting its IP address so that no one can claim a title The rest: from the ashes 2 In a fan-made sequel or something like that. Still, with success The rest: from the ashes And with its reputation as great as Souls, it’s not inconceivable that Gunfire Games would want to make a sequel to the title.

2019 version of The rest: from the ashes It’s not the last thing gamers have seen from the title, and in 2021 a next-gen version was released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Also, some DLC was released for The rest: from the ashes, such as the expansion of the swamps of Corsus. While new Souls-like content has recently been rolled out, fans who want a sequel may wait years, especially if Gunfire Games has so far only branded it for it.

The rest: from the ashes Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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