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Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing

One of the primary functions of video games is to give players a chance to escape from their everyday lives. They provide the opportunity to go on grand adventures and take on epic missions. Once the game is complete, it can be turned off and shelved with a sense of accomplishment.

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While some games show off everything to see on their first gameplay experience, other titles still hold a lot of secrets. The size and complexity of their worlds contain dozens and dozens of hidden objects, glitches, and exploits that players continue to discover years, even decades, after release.

Today’s video games

Scientist Skyrim It didn’t just become a great game in the long run ancient manuscripts series, but it has also formed its own fan community. In this adventure, the Last Dragonborn travels the land, slaying dragons and absorbing their souls.

Skyrim It is still actively played today, and even now there are still mysteries to explore and surprises to discover. New bugs, which were part of the original game’s magic, continue to be discovered by players. The game’s map is massive enough that it’s possible to drown hours and hours roaming the ground and doing side quests while ignoring the main mission.

5 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild It is the first new entry for Nintendo’s home console the legend of zelda franchise since then Sword toward the sky on a Wii. With some criticism leveled against this entry, Nintendo decided it was time to give the franchise a soft reboot that brought it back to its more open world roots.

Nintendo excelled at this task, providing a colorful space for players to explore. The landscape is filled with hidden shrine mysteries to solve and koroks to find. Even after the main mission is defeated, there are still dozens of side missions, villagers to help, and the Champions’ Ballad DLC story, which provides more information on the pilots of divine beasts.

4 Stardu Valley

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Stardu Valley is that it was developed not by a large studio but by one person: Eric Baron, AKA Concerned Ape. Take inspiration from Harvest Moon A franchise, the game is an opportunity to live a fantasy life as a farm owner in a small but loving town, as well as forage, fish and fight monsters in dungeons.

A new surprise appears only when everything that can be seen seems to have been seen. A new encounter takes place with a character, a fairy may enchant the crops of the farm, or a chattering witch may appear one night and leave behind an empty egg.

3 LEGO City: Secret

Yes Puzzle Games The game is in this list. not just any Puzzle Games The game, though. LEGO City: Secret It was created through a collaboration between Traveler’s Tales and Nintendo for the Wii U and went to multiple platforms years later. Rather than being a linear adventure like the previous Traveler’s Tales outings, the game created by their mobile division, TT Fusion, takes place in grand theft autoOpen city type.

This game has a lot to explore as well. Golden bricks are scattered all over the world to find them. Structures in the world can be built when enough parts are collected. The world is filled with hundreds of goofy LEGO minifigures inhabiting the diverse sections of the LEGO City, from skyscrapers to suburbs and nature parks.

2 animal crossing

nintendo animal crossing The franchise is something of an anti-video game. Usually, the game has some major end goals to achieve and puts the player through some experiences or challenges to face. animal crossing Not about that. Sure, she has goals to work towards, but animal crossing It is just a fun way to relax.

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The mechanics of the game stimulate regular visits to the village created by the users. The digital clock built into the console sets the day and time of the game world, which means time passes at the same rate as real life. However, seasons change and events change. Various insects are available for hunting, and special festivities are held on holidays. Resetting the game comes with its own surprises, too.

1 Maine Craft

It seems, with every list, Maine Craft He raises his plump head, claiming the attention he has already received from millions and millions of gamers around the world.

Maine Craft It definitely deserves its place on this list. Each world seed generates a new environment filled with cliffs, caves, deserts and mountaintops, along with dangerous hordes to discover. Regular updates mean that the world is constantly evolving with new creatures and mechanisms. With the power of Redstone, players can craft nearly unlimited insane contraptions, from motorized doors to walking AT-ATs.

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