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The Apple Watch Series 8 can track body temperature due to a new sensor setup inside the smartwatch, but it uses this capability in an interesting way.

recently announced Apple Watch Series 8 It can track body temperature due to a new sensor setup inside the smartwatch, but it uses this ability in an interesting way. There are many predictable health benefits that one could imagine a temperature tracker would bring, and speculation has been running wild for weeks. It may not have been Apple’s ultimate decision to use it primarily for a new level of course tracking on anyone’s bingo card.

Rumors of a possible Apple Watch temperature sensor first swirled a few weeks ago when the company obtained a patent for “Gradient temperature sensor in the electronic device.“Shortly after that, reliable sources began reporting that the next Apple Watch likely won’t be able to read and detect the wearer’s current body temperature. This information still leaves plenty of room for speculation, given the wide variety of use cases for most Apple Watch features. .

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Based on An apple A recent “elusive” event, the new generation of Apple Watch will use temperature sensing to help track the system cycle. This time around, the device will have improved ovulation tracking and can detect abnormalities that could indicate bigger health problems. The sensor has two separate components on the watch: one on the side that touches the user’s skin and one just below the screen. Apple says this design will result in more accurate readings that are less affected by the environment.

The science behind cycle tracking for Apple Watch Series 8

Adding a temperature sensor doesn’t provide much useful information about a person’s cycle on its own, of course. The real magic lies in combining our collective knowledge of biology with this new technology. As we mentioned during the Apple event, body temperatures become more consistent when a person sleeps due to the dilation of blood vessels. This makes it possible to achieve an accurate reading of the internal temperature even near the extremities such as the wrist (where one might choose to wear a watch).

By combining nighttime temperature readings with consistent recording for weeks, people can observe a process known as a biphasic shift. This process tracks temperature changes related to hormonal changes and is usually used to determine ovulation patterns. Since the Apple Watch and the Health app handle the data logging, adding consistent temperature readings fits right in. It is a convenient way to manage something previously annoying, which is always one of the most noble goals of new technology. In typical Apple fashion, users can access data on any of the Apple Watch Series 8 Or iPhone, and the company stressed that it is private information, end-to-end encrypted.

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