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Rivian R1T . gear tunnel storage

Now that Rivian’s R1T and R1S “electric adventure vehicles” have been shipped to more buyers, the company is busy adding cool new features with rapid software updates. Rivian recently released New “Camp Mode” for their vehicles, and I wish every car could have them. In addition, for its target audience, it will change the rules of the game.

If you’re a proud new owner of a Rivian R1T or R1S or still waiting for delivery, you’ll have another reason to be excited. CEO RJ Scaringe confirmed that the new Camp mode is officially rolling out in the latest software update, and camping isn’t the only time owners are using its features.

With Camp Mode, Rivian vehicles will level themselves automatically, providing a flat surface for camping or camping in the car, and will also use the vehicle to light your campsite. In addition, the mode offers all kinds of options for controlling ports and USB ports, disabling the in-vehicle distraction screen, managing power levels, and tuning how vehicles use battery power.

Camp mode comes in handy if your adventure takes you to the beach, the mountains, or even a tailgate party at a soccer game. The car will make slight adjustments to each wheel, thanks to the airbag suspension system, and level the car automatically as if you were parked on level ground. And for anyone who goes camping or enjoys the outdoors, this is easier said than done.

Ask any RV or trailer owner, and they’ll tell you how important the feature is. Finding a flat surface is a challenge while driving off road, many campers end up parking on a rock, carrying flat blocks, or resorting to other methods to make the car flat.

Camping and sleeping on a flat surface is essential, but it’s also useful for relaxing at the tailgate at the beach or a game of soccer. You will sit or lie comfortably, drinks will not slip, you can grill on the back door easily, etc. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal to the average car buyer, you’ll appreciate all that it has to offer if you enjoy the outdoors.

R1 cars now have spotlights. The LED lights on each side mirror can double as campground lights, and you can control them individually, even with the mirrors folded. Basically, you won’t need a lantern or a flashlight.

Next, Camp mode has two additional modes: stay parked or stay on. The latter keeps the car fully awake so you can use the climate control, play music, and use other features while camping or on an outdoor adventure. The Stay Away option turns off all ports, Gear Guard video and most other features, including the display. Central. In those instances where you might be camping close to others and want to minimize potential disturbances, the Camp Compliment turns off all outside lights and sounds and locks the proximity. Once activated, the climate controls will also operate on a quieter level.”

Owners can turn off all lights, power and diffusers in the EV to enjoy the great outdoors. Or take full advantage of it to level your truck, play music, light up your camp site, and do more on your travels.

As someone who constantly goes camping, mountain biking, or grilling a burger at my back door at the lake, I hope every vehicle has these features.

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