Matt Reeves’ Batman Trilogy Could Defeat the Need for Shared Universes

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Flashback to 2008. Iron Man He laid the foundation for the billion-dollar empire that’s known today as the MCU, but at Warner Brothers, Christopher Nolan just smashed all expectations by making his Batman Not only is it one of the best superhero movies ever made, but one whose influence continued to inspire the film industry for much of the next decade.

Batman, the daring poster boy in DC, was the polar opposite of Superman. Notably, he was a lone wolf who, until that point at least, had been operating alone in the movie world because the superhero movie genre was hardly a thing, let alone the idea of ​​a massively interconnected universe. While times are always changing, this setting is a reminder of the time when it was DC that caught the attention of most moviegoers, a formula that largely mimics the current setting made by Matt Reeves. Batman will work with.

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Don’t imitate your neighbor

Warner gave Matt Reeves the ultimate wish any director could ask for: complete creative freedom for virtually any genre. Batman The movie he will make. In turn, this has led to widespread acclaim for Bruce Wayne and Gotham City honoring the legacy of the men who came before, though still quite distinct from other Caped Crusader adventures. Reeves Batman He is, for the time being, more realistic and realistic than Nolan was, and somehow he also manages to blend the latter’s influence with HoroscopeThe plot is inspired by the style of a completely different director such as David Fincher.

Regardless of his approach, the most important thing about Reeves is to be planet of the apes The director was allowed to write exactly the movie he wanted to make. This may seem like a given at first glance, until one compares the peculiar nature of the DCEU or the state of the MCU Phase IV. The Dark Knight Trilogy It works because it was designed by Nolan to build Bruce Wayne from his assets. It concerns his journey to become Batman and “dying”; On the other hand, Marvel Studios came up with a plan to take advantage of the superheroes they left behind to eventually make them together Avengers As the kind of team that comic book fans have always dreamed of.

Setting goals is critical so you don’t wander aimlessly. The common element of both projects was a clear goal in terms of where each studio wanted their franchises, something the DCEU could hardly argue did after 2017’s Justice League. On the contrary, Reeves has a goal, which is to create a more realistic and alike environment. Thrilled for the world’s greatest detective. In order to do so, he must get rid of the temptation and burden of having to provide firm ties to other perks. Under his watch, Batman is a man on a mission.

The DCEU was created as a retrospective to compete with the great vision that Kevin Feige is spreading at Marvel Studios. It lacks a first-mover feature, which is exactly what Todd Phillips and Reeves have when they take it Batman and the joker in opposite directions. By only having Reeves’ Batman in Gotham, the character is freed from having to carry lesser known characteristics in the same way. Iron Man And the captain America drag the Ant Man From the Marvel comics. This is just a blessing that cannot be overstated.

Robert Pattinson is the new superhero

Combined with Reeves’ filmmaking prowess to produce such a great movie, Batman The most recalled quality is that it is out of the ordinary. As the idea of ​​interconnected properties spanning across many sub-views, sequences and pre-cuts are becoming ever more popular. Pattinson’s emo Batman counters this trend with a radically different portrayal of the character’s younger years.

Challenging old paradigms is often what artists set out to do in their creative endeavors, for example joker in 2019 to redefine one of the greatest villains in comic books. While Batman Far from it, the movie is different enough to feel fresh in the current scene. to strengthen its credentials, Batman The blockbuster nature is perfect for Warner’s new rules of the game. Batgirl The cancellation is a traumatic event for the people who made it, but at the same time, it’s more of an offering for a studio making movies that probably shouldn’t have been green lighted in the first place.

Immediately, Batman And the subsequent Gotham spin-offs are edgy because they’re all trying to create a new kind of money making machine. Is it an unprecedented novelty? No, but she can aspire to fill the void in Nolan The Dark Knight Rises left in the fans.

Companies often invent new products to keep up with everything else their competitors are creating, and it usually doesn’t come to fruition. Cinema is a business as much as it is an art form and what is made of it Batman Special projects are its future promises to give the same amount of respect to the arts as it does to numbers with no promise from the Justice League to destroy things along the way.

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