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Photo from MagLev Switch MX.

The “action point” of a mechanical keyboard describes how far the key needs to be pressed to register an entry. This measurement is usually set in stone, but a new 3D-printable keyboard switch, called the MagLev Switch MX, allows you to set its trigger point on the fly.

Developed by famichu and shared on githubThe MagLev Switch MX combines a traditional design with a hall effect sensor. It looks like a typical Cherry MX cross switch, and in a final keyboard, each switch must be connected in an array. But instead of detecting the input with a spring, the MagLev Switch MX relies on magnetic force.

The MagLev Switch MX has two neodymium magnets – one located in the stem and one below the PCB. There is a small Hall effect sensor between these magnets, to measure any change in magnetic force. When you press a switch, the magnets come close together, and you press a switch.

Using the program, you can set the point at which the MagLev Switch MX will operate. Users can go from a light and fast operation to a heavy, slow and injuring wrist operation with little effort.

In designing the MagLev Switch MX concept, famichu demonstrates how keyboards can have a tweak to adjust the actuation force. I imagine an average user would simply stick to a comfortable setup, but for creators, this is a dream come true.

Now, the MagLev Switch MX isn’t the first “high” keyboard switch with magnetic triggering. The Wooting Lekker Uses a similar design and works with Cherry MX keycaps. and as hakkaday Notes, risks void_switch It aims to completely reimagine how keyboards work – it uses the “fly” design as a starting point for the experiment.

But we’re fans of the MagLev Switch MX, because it’s 3D-printable and should work with existing Cherry MX layouts (with only a few modifications). Check out the project at github If you are interested in these adjustable switches.

source: Famicho Across hakkadayAnd the Ars Technica

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