Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: Part Six

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Part Six Collage

The final extension of Resident Evil Village He throws loads of new mechanics, weapons, and rough boss fights into the mix. Players get a taste of fighting in the shoes of someone other than Ethan. Don’t let all these confusing obstacles stop players from beating the game!

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Players looking to learn a story Resident Evil Village You should start here. This guide is just to read the main story. Collectors looking for all the secrets and collectibles will want to explore a little in each area.

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For players who have not yet reached this area, please consider starting with the detailed path of the final section.

Part VI walkthrough

Getting to the scene

The path is linear at first, only interrupted by scenery. As players approach the village, hordes of enemies will rush from the ground and onto the sides of the mountain. Take them out with the improved arsenal and keep pressing.

Look for a double gate that has a slight crack. Make Chris slide into the center of the village. Then continue your way forward.

The path will drift to the left. For a more direct path, look straight ahead for a collapsed section of the fence and a drop down.

Turn right on landing and notice a white door on the side of the house. Go through the room, exit through a door on the left and go back to the main path.

Approach the white statue in the village to get an offer from Chris. Next, a laser will pull out a marking.

Players will be required to point their marking laser to “Build the Giant Die”. This is the large entity right behind the statue with what appears to be an entire fortress on its head or back.

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Don’t look away or players will have to shoot the building again. Since the enemies will now flood into the area, it will be difficult to get a clean shot from now on.

Look for green smoke to refill the ammo. While Chris may have an impressive arsenal compared to what Ethan usually has, those who play New Game Plus will find that they have turned Ethan into a powerhouse of infinite ammo in one fell swoop. Thus, Chris would be something of a discount. Regardless, it’s nearly impossible to survive this wave without extra ammo, so pick some up.

In the end, players will receive a message that the artillery has reloaded. Switch to laser targeting and, like before, aim it at the design for another shot. Once the Hulk is hit three times, it will go down.

boss fights

The third blast will make a hole in the ground for Chris to pass through.

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It can be hard to locate in the midst of all the chaos, but look through the miraculously untouched roadside shrine. The hole opposite it will be directly. Hop down over a green smoke sign and get more ammo for the next section.

A junior boss, Orias, will prevent Chris from advancing until he is defeated. This is, in fact, the third iteration of Urias, who somehow survived the last two encounters.

Watching the different gameplay processes, it seems that Urias can be killed with enough firepower, but it is much easier to bring him down with the target locator. This takes a while before the artillery is ready, so focus on dodging Urias in the meantime. Knock on his knees to slow him down, and when he’s at the back, direct a melee attack on his exposed area to push him forward.

When he dies, part of the wall behind him opens, allowing Chris to press forward.

Go up the ladder to the lab. There are some explorations to do here for those who are curious, but the only thing to do is walk out the locked door. This leads to a movie scene and a return to playing as Ethan. Go forward a few steps, then get two clips, back-to-back.

Press forward below the only track found. There are few light enemies, most of them can be operated by those trying to save time. This ends with a wall of blackness. Interact with her and the fight will start with Mother Miranda.

Players who want to master this game should take a peek at this linked guide. For those who just want the general essence of this boss, fight, stay out of combat range, shoot smaller clouds of smoke, and hide behind something when a large smoke cloud forms.

After it takes enough damage, it will die. Players will be dealt in two segments, and the game will be over.

Resident Evil Village Now available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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