Shadowland trailer shows a divided nation in Joe Berlinger’s new documentary series

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Since its first release in 2020, Peacock has brought viewers some of the best movies and documentaries. of sophistication Hardball: Summer Girls to me Sesame StreetBased on I’m Big Birdand even documentaries about horrific true crime, John Wayne Gacy: The Devil in Disguise, the NBC streaming service is absolutely ahead when it comes to pulling the curtain on intriguing, and sometimes hard-to-watch, topics. Will they return to it again with their upcoming documentaries, Shadowland.

Directed by Stephen BaileyAnd the Alex BravermanAnd the Yves Van Dyckand executive produced by the legendary documentary director, Joe BerlingerThe six-part series will take viewers on a wild ride behind some of today’s most controversial conspiracy theories. The trailer released before the show arrives gives us a deeper look into the topics it will cover and the voices viewers will hear from it.

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Shadowland, who pulls his subject from a report by The Atlantic, investigating the reasons why America appears to be receding into two parts—namely in recent years. The series will focus on those who have referred to media sources as “fake news,” featuring stories of people from across the country including a pizza shop owner facing two decades in prison for her role in the January 6 rebellion and anti-vaccination who claimed to have a cure for COVID-19. , along with those who believe the 2020 elections have been stolen. The trailer immediately breaks the foundation of the conspiracy theory, giving the audience a better understanding of how these ideas spread like wildfire and why they are so dangerous.

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Shipping the team of filmmakers to various enclaves in America, Berlinger says he hoped to achieve a better understanding by allowing subjects to share their stories. Legendary director whose projects include pioneering Paradise Lost Triple and more recently Netflix Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil HotelHis hope, he said, was to “create an immersive experience” that would show “both sides” of the story and allow everyone “to express their opinions, and hopefully create dialogue that transcends viewers’ TV screens.”

Along with Berlinger, the series was also produced by Craig de EntronRadical Media John KamenAnd the Jane IsaacsonAnd the John DoranAtlantic Ocean Jeffrey GoldbergAnd the Adrien LaFranceAnd the Lindsay Trobe. RadicalMedia was produced in association with Third Eye Motion Picture Co.

Shadowland It will launch on the streaming device as part of the first annual Peacock DocFest, a six-week festival that will premiere the best of the best on the platform when it comes to upcoming documentary projects. A new document will be on screens everywhere on Wednesday between September 14th and October 19th with a slew of new favorites coming your way.

Settle down and get ready to binge Shadowland When the six peacocks strike once on September 21. Check out the trailer below.

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