Sonic Frontiers releases sonic ending song


Sonic Frontiers is revealing an important part of its soundtrack as the topic of audio credits is launched on social media and music streaming platforms.

Prior to its release in November, vocal boundaries He shared a preview of his Final Credits thread. in many My voice For the titles, it’s almost a tradition to have an audio theme for the game as a whole, and a different other audio theme for the final credits. vocal boundaries Officially no exception to this rule, players can now hear what one of his audio themes sounds like.

The ending song is “Vandalize” by Japanese rock band One Ok Rock. Despite being J-Rock, they sang “Vandalize” entirely in English with a Japanese version released alongside the game in Japan. The song’s lyrics fit in well with the title’s storyline, describing “someone’s head is in ruins” and needs to be “rebuilt”. Conspiracy vocal boundaries It also shares these themes as the plot in it has been described as “immediately taking a dramatic turn, leaving Sonic alone with plenty of questions” by writer Ian Flynn.

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Players can listen to the preview through a video shared with the official sonic the hedgehog Social media pages. The preview features clips from the game edited to match the music, which helps emphasize elements of the story the song is about, such as the closing of Sonic’s friends like Amy Rose, and the strange state Sonic’s body is in.

If fans enjoy the sound of the song in the special preview video, they will be as lucky as if it was the official song My voice The channels shared a preview, and the full song was officially uploaded by One Ok Rock themselves to YouTube. “Vandalize” is also available as a single on streaming services like Spotify. Interestingly enough, though, its version of One Ok Rock is straightforward, so listeners should choose the version they want to hear carefully.

Interestingly enough, Sega decided to show the end theme first after a recent commercial that was promoted vocal boundaries In Japan parts of the main audio theme have already appeared. However, it is fairly obvious that One Ok Rock is responsible for the main theme plus the style of the songs is very similar if fans listen closely.

vocal boundaries Until now it was a complete mystery in terms of soundtrack as fans didn’t know many of his songs until now. Gameplay previews seem to indicate that Starfall Islands will have more calming and atmospheric themes, while Cyber ​​Space stages will have more exciting themes associated with them. It looks like fans may need to wait for more brief gameplay footage to learn more, as Sega said a public demo of the border Not currently in business.

vocal boundaries It launches November 8 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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