The movie Argentina, 1985 shows a young legal team fighting against the odds

argentina 1985

Prime Video released the trailer for Santiago Miter‘s Argentina, 1985 which presents an intense courtroom drama surrounding the most important trial in the history of Argentina in the twentieth century. Directed by Mitri, who also co-wrote the script Mariano LinasThe film tells the story of the historic trial of the Jintas, a five-month event that took place in 1985, two years after the country’s bloody military dictatorship was replaced by democracy.

The trial set a precedent not only for the Latin American country but also for the whole world. Never before has the world seen the heads behind a dictatorship – nine senior military personnel, in this case – brought to trial for crimes against humanity during the government’s brutal 7-year period. The film follows the true story of Attorney General Julie Strasera and Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the faces behind the prosecution of the Argentine dictatorship, as they assemble a legal team to fight a terrifying battle against all odds.

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“You will be the Prosecutor at the most important trial in Argentine history, Strasera (Ricardo Darin) It is said about the seriousness of his undertaking at the beginning of the trailer. As the trailer states, this trial was perhaps the most prominent court case against government officials for crimes against humanity since the Nuremberg Trials in the aftermath of World War II. It shows how Strassera was the only veteran lawyer brave enough to take on this formidable challenge.

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However, he was not alone. Strassera was backed by a much smaller lawyer (Peter Lanzani) and other “youngsters” who, with no steadfast reputation for risk, found the courage to go where the old did not dare and teamed up to bring in the criminals who were behind years of terror and brutal violence.

The classified movie was produced by La Unión de los Ríos, Kenya Films, Infinity Hill and Amazon Studios. The film’s producers include Mitri and Darren Axel KuschevatzkyAnd the Federico PusternakAnd the Augustina Lambi CampbellAnd the Santiago CarabanteAnd the Chino DarinAnd the Victoria Alonso.

Argentina, 1985 It premiered at the 79th Venice Film Festival. Miter will be released in theaters in Argentina on September 29th and will also be shown on Amazon Prime Video sometime soon. Check out the new trailer below:

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