This $350 LEGO ‘Black Panther’ figurine screams Wakanda Forever – Geek Review

LEGO 'Black Panther' bust with arms crossed inside "Wakanda forever" pointing to.
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for the next celebration Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Movie release, LEGO is finally sold out Bust of King T’Challa. Features the iconic Black Panther helmet and necklace, as well as arms held in the Wakanda Forever pose.

This life-sized set is 18 inches high and includes 2,961 pieces. It also comes with a small plate of Black Panther, which appears to contain Vibranium. And the arms, while pretty cool, are also removable.

Bust of LEGO 'Black Panther' without arms.
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Notably, this is one of the most detailed LEGO figurines to date. Previous performances, such as poison bankruptcyIt was relatively small, cheap and cartoonish. But the black panther looks great and is sure to add something special to your ensemble.

LEGO Black Panther The statue goes on sale October 1st for $350. We note that LEGO Press Room Lists a November release date for this product – We confirmed with a LEGO representative that the November date is incorrect. For what it’s worth, the Black Panther The sequel hits theaters in November.

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