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George Miller and the Justice League

George Miller almost directed Justice League, and DC movie history was a lot different Justice League: Human Event. Over 60 years after its comic book debut, Justice League has only one theatrical live-action movie – 2017 Justice Squad. Zack Snyder Justice Squad It was finally released in 2021 but as an exclusive to HBO Max, and with no current plans for Justice Squad Sequel, nailing DC’s most famous superhero team is clearly no easy feat – which raises the question of how good George Miller is. Justice League: Human may have been.

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While the X-Men and the Fantastic Four had already received live-action films in the early 2000s, the idea of ​​superheroes who could carry their own films together in a group movie was still very ambitious during the 2000s. . century. It was only in 2012 that Marvel’s Avengers Happened, a movie that felt much bigger than anything Fox had done with the X-Men or the Fantastic Four. However, filmmaking techniques aren’t the only reason why Justice League isn’t happening so soon, like Justice League: Human Very close to making it.

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The Justice League: Human The project dates back to 2007 when writers Kieran and Michel Mulroney were used to write a file Justice Squad Warner Bros. movie. Then George Miller joined the project later that year, and it didn’t take long before pre-production began. By the time the Writers Guild strike began in 2007-2008, Justice League: Human He already had a cast and costumes, and he was close to starting filming. However, the studio was reportedly not happy with the script, but any major rewriting was made impossible by the writers’ strike. Planned photography by George Miller Justice Squad Movie It was then moved to April 2008, but after months of rumors and a lack of official information, Justice League: Human It was eventually canceled. Justice League: Human It became one of the biggest “what could have been” scripts in superhero movie history, especially after the script appeared on the Internet in 2013. If it were George Miller Justice League: Human Happening, DC had two versions of Batman on the big screen at the same time before what’s currently happening with the DCEU multiverse, green lantern And the man of steel It would never have happened, and DCEU as the public knows it will never start.

What was George Miller’s Justice League: Human?

pass Justice League: HumanScenario revealed, George Miller’s Justice League movie was heavily inspired by DC’s comic book arcs Justice Squad: Babel Tower And the Superman: Sacrificewhich was eventually modified to DC animated movie. Justice League: Human It wouldn’t be an origin story, instead it would have started with the Justice League having been around for years. George Miller Justice Squad It will not have ties to any past or current DC movies, which means no Brandon Routh Superman or Christian Bale’s Batman. George Miller wanted Justice League: Human To be the beginning of a story, a completely different strategy from what the MCU and even the DCEU would do years later. Justice League: HumanThe roster was supposed to include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. Talia Al Ghul and Maxwell Lord could have been the villains, and the movie would have ended with Barry Allen’s death.

Justice League: Mortal would have competed with the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy

Justice League: Human Its development began in 2007, two years after Christopher Nolan Batman Begins first shown. So, by the time George Miller joined the Christopher Nolan movie The Dark Knight It may already be wrapped. As such, it was Justice League: Human Not canceled, George Miller Justice Squad The movie was to be released between The Dark Knight And the The Dark Knight Rises And he would have turned out to be a very different Batman than Nolan. Consider how multiple versions of Batman on the big screen can remain confusing even with stories related to the multiverse like Sparklehaving another Batman in A Justice Squad The film is in conjunction with Nolan The Dark Knight Triple might be a problem.

Justice League: HumanIf its reception is positive, it will have a negative effect on Nolan The Dark Knight trilogy, as audiences would have wanted more of Batman’s Justice League adventures rather than another solo Batman story. In this scenario, The Dark Knight Rises It may not have happened before. but if, Justice League: HumanHis reception was negative, then The Dark Knight Its sequel has been used as an example of how DC superhero solo stories can work best.

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Justice League: Mortal could have restarted Superman Way sooner

Superman Returns It was released in 2006 to mixed reviews and grossed $391.1 million at the box office on a budget of $204 million, meaning the film would not receive a sequel. Superman’s reboot happened only seven years later man of steel, but was Justice League: Human He was released, then Superman was rebooted a lot earlier. DJ Cotrona is said to have played Superman in Justice League: Humanin what would have been the second direct iteration of Superman in less than four years. Justice League: HumanIt’s clear that Superman won’t have any connections with Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh, which is likely to cause some confusion in fans given how close he is to Superman Returns George Miller Justice Squad The movie was to be released.

The Green Lantern doesn’t happen to Ryan Reynolds

Justice League: Human He is supposed to have appeared in Common as John Stewart, who at the time was more popular as Green Lantern due to the success of DCAU’s Justice Squad. Justice League: HumanJon Stewart then had the first-ever live play Green Lantern, 2011 green lantern A movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan that would never have happened. Considering that George Miller Justice Squad The movie will have another flash at the end, Wally West, possibly Justice League: Human The sequels may have featured Hal Jordan in some capacity. However, there is no mention of Hal Jordan in Justice League: Human script.

Justice League: Human Death May Lead to Singles Films If Successful

if you succeed, Justice League: Human It would have led to single DC superhero movies featuring those versions of the Justice League heroes. This may not be the case for Superman and Batman right away, especially if Nolan still has to release him. The Dark Knight Rises In 2012, but it would have happened with other heroes such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash. In fact, there were Wonder Woman and Flash movie projects being developed around the same time Justice League: Human It was happening, and it was most likely to be replaced by Justice League: Human George Miller’s film was a hit.

DCEU won’t exist if Justice League: Mortal is released

George Miller’s Greatest Influence Justice League: Human It would have been if it were released that DC would have had the setup for a shared universe long before DCEU happened. Justice League: Human It wouldn’t have come out before 2009, which means that Marvel’s plans for an Avengers movie and a common superhero universe would already have been known by the industry. with Justice League: Human Resulting in complement and potential sub-sectors such as wonderful woman, green lanternAnd the Sparkleand then man of steelAnd the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice It would never have happened. the first Justice Squad The movie would have come out nearly a decade before what eventually happened, and DCEU starring names like Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot wouldn’t exist.

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However, nothing guarantees that Justice League: Human It would have been enough not only to start the cinematic universe but also to maintain the cinematic universe. DC had several movie projects canceled in the 2000s, which shows how difficult it was to adapt Justice League heroes to the big screen. It is also important to note that director George Miller was likely to only work in Justice League: Human A sequel, if at all, that means it Justice League: HumanIts default success will not guarantee the success of the subprograms.

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