8 Cool Details You Might Have Missed About Chopper’s Outfits


The Straw Hat Pirates’ doctor, Tony Tony Chopper, also known as the Cotton Candy lover, hails from the Grand Line, specifically, Drum Island. He is the fifth individual to join Luffy on his journey to become the King of the Pirates. Chopper aims to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor who can cure any disease or illness.

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He is a very likable character in piece, especially for his cute determination and attitude, but also for his intelligence and contribution to the story. Just like any other character, Chopper’s clothes hold a lot of secrets about his personality.

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8 outfit for the first time

Chopper’s first appearance in Drum Island arc was in chapter 134 of the story, and episode 84 of the anime. He was first introduced under the hood of a reindeer alongside Koreha, who treated a child while waiting to push her cart again in a saddle, clothing that covered most of his body except for his legs and face. Added to this is his famous pink hat with a cross.

Later, it was seen in its hybrid form after a developing treatment of her fatal disease. During this moment, Chopper is seen wearing his dark purple hat and shorts, which later end up becoming his trademark clothing for most of the pre-flight. piece.

7 monster chopper

In classic anime logic, Chopper’s clothes seem to expand perfectly to meet his changing hybrid forms and expand quite a bit as he reaches his giant monster form. This form was first introduced during the Enies Lobby arc, where he was fighting a losing battle against the Kumadori.

With his back against the wall, he resorted to taking three Rumble balls, activating a rogue transformation capable of destroying everything, enemy and friend alike. However, after a short period of time, he learns to control it more, although it still comes with its drawbacks such as limited use of 10 minutes, followed by side effects such as paralysis.

6 his hat

Chopper’s pink hat is perhaps the most recognizable feature of his design, along with a large X in the middle of it. X represents a throwback to his past when his family abandoned him for being a strange blue-nosed deer who had also eaten a devil fruit.

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He was later adopted by Dr. Hillilock, a strange man and the one who eventually raised him and introduced him to medicine. To be more specific, the X is likely to refer to his profession as a doctor, being a diagonal hospital cross, and serving as a symbol of the pirate cross at the same time.

5 its color

The main color of Chopper, as mentioned by Eiichiro Oda himself, author piece In last SBS, it was pink. This is evident in a lot of his clothes, especially his hat. Almost all of his clothes include this color, which just goes to show that Chopper really adores him.

His 15th anniversary outfit was by far the most perfect representation of his love for color. It also ties in well with Sakura who ended up in Helleuk on Drum Island to treat the country after visiting a country in the West.

4 After the outfit Timeskip

Chopper spent two years in the Turin Kingdom in the Blue South, where he developed his knowledge of medicine, among other things.

After time stopped, Chopper received a major wardrobe makeover, most notably his hat, which is now completely different. Furthermore, his first outfit after skipping times included some light purple shorts and a yellow and white striped shirt.

3 new hat

The Helicopter Hat holds great significance to his character as it associates him with his mentor, Hillilock, and is his keepsake. While Chopper had always worn it before time stopped, the look of the hat changed a little later.

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However, very few fans know that his new hat, according to the author, is still the same pink hat that everyone has grown to love. The only difference is that the hat now carries an extra guard, usually blue. As his clothes change, so does the guard’s color, giving Oda more flexibility with Chopper’s outfit.

2 like wano

From start to finish in the Wano arc, plenty of Straw Hats have been pulled out of their comfort zones with new and diverse Japanese-themed outfits.

For Chopper, Kin’emon made a pretty cool green ninja costume with some white and pink accents, and some black fishnets on the arms and legs. This costume is specifically known as ninja-yoroei. He also carried a red katana on his waist and some shurikens to perfect the ninja look.

1 Onigashima Outift

With the invasion on Onigashima, all the Straw Hats pirates changed into their clothes, and Chopper was no exception. He changed from a ninja outfit to a monster pirate outfit in the beginning, thanks to the power of the Kin’emon Devil Fruit. The Beast Pirates costume was very simple, consisting of the standard black outfit along with a pink helmet that he mainly wore during the “Big Mom Hunt” section of the arc.

His samurai costume, on the other hand, was more complex, being red and gold armor, and lacking much of his usual pink hue. This included outfit was very intricate and drew a striking resemblance to his armor on the cover of Volume 95, along with Luffy and Brock.

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