Apple Watch Pro buyers may need to purchase new custom straps

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On September 7, Apple is set to release four new iPhones as part of the iPhone 14 series, but we also expect the brand to drop some new products at its September event, including the rumored new Apple Watch Pro. It is expected to be a more powerful and powerful version of the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Pro is also expected to feature larger dials.

With the larger size, the watch will likely also feature larger strap sizes and this indicates that those who purchased bands intended to be used with previous Apple Watch models, may not be able to use them with the upcoming Apple Watch Pro. The main reason here is expected to be the 47mm size of the dial which is said to be linked to a flat screen on the Watch Pro, as suggested in a tweet from the Apple Hub (Tweet embed).

Apple Watch models over the past few years have been of similar sizes and despite many feature additions, users will be able to use the newer Apple Watch dials with their older straps. It doesn’t look like that likely for the Watch Pro.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, who had a track record of predicting Apple features before launch, suggested that the full Apple Watch Pro might support older bands, and might not look aesthetically pleasing with the new size.

However, Apple is also expected to launch the Apple Watch Series 8 at the event, which will be in keeping with the more compact design for everyday use seen with the previous Apple Watch series. We should know more details about all the new Apple wearables on September 7th during the main launch event.

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