Top 10 Anthology Horror Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

10 Best Horror Anthology Films, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Horror anthology films have existed since the era of silent films, offering a collection of at least three short horror films, each with a unique introduction and different cast. While some horror movies run out of steam because they lengthen their story to 90 minutes, short anthology movies have the benefit of wrapping things up in 20-30 minutes.

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This concept is credited to short story books. King StephenIn particular, he has published several collections of short stories that have been adapted into anthology films. He even submitted a script for the horror anthology crepeshaw. With the advent of TV shows like black mirrorThe anthology has found a new home for streaming services and more horror movies are being made in the genre than ever before. Below are ten of the highest rated by critics.

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“ABCs of Death 2” (2014) RT score: 73%

Based on the concept that each entry must be associated with an alphabetical character, ABCs of Death 2 Featuring 26 short horror films directed by 26 different directors. There’s no story wrapped, so fans can expect to experience the hits of color as the movies jump between the grotesque, the loudly funny, and the annoying.

In addition to displaying famous horror names such as Larry FessendenAnd the Gene And the Silvia SuscaAnd the Vincenzo NataleThe anthology also invited amateur filmmakers to submit their films for the letter M with the winner appearing in the film. While some shorts are weaker than others, the overall package makes the watch more consistent and fun when compared to its predecessor.

“Southbound” (2015) RT score: 81%

produced by Brad Misca Of bloody disgusting fame, southbound An underrated horror anthology that tells five tales all centered around the same stretch of highway in the United States. There is a prevailing theory that the characters are stuck in purgatory, as they face scenarios that include evil spirits, suspicious old people, and disguised intruders.

Having the stories lead directly into each other, rather than having the clip wrapped, allows the film to avoid the massive color shifts that some of the anthologies suffer. southbound It features clips from filmmakers who have become some of the brightest names in the horror world from now on, such as radio silence (Last Scream) And the David Bruckner (Next Hillrice Reboot). southbound Available to stream on Hulu and Tubi.

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‘Pack of Intimidation’ (2019) RT score: 81%

Both are good homage to anthology films and horror in general, intimidation package The movie is about Chad, a horror fan who runs his own video store. Using this setup as a wrapped piece, the stories are presented as tales that Chad tells to clients and the tapes are shown.

Created by Aaron B. Koontz And the Cameron BurnsAnd the intimidation package It was seen as an opportunity to collaborate with a group of independent filmmakers yet to appear on the scene, and pay homage to the genre they love while sabotaging some of his most famous films. intimidation package Available to stream on AMC+ and Shudder.

‘Trick ‘r Treat’ (2007) RT score: 81%

cult classic, Trick cure It experienced numerous delays and a late transition straight to DVD for its original release. The film will get its first-ever theatrical release in October, given its continued popularity over the years.

Unique in that the entire movie was directed by one person (Michael Dougherty), Trick cure It follows four interlocking stories that all take place in the same city on Halloween night. championship Anna Paquin And the Brian CoxThe clips feature the likes of werewolves, serial killers, and murderous ghosts of deceased children. Sam, the movie’s mascot, a little trick-or-treater in orange pajamas and a bag over his head, remains a popular horror icon.

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A Christmas Horror Story (2015) RT score: 83%

Taking the horror anthology and transporting it to Christmas Eve, Christmas horror story It is an amazing success. Framed around DJ Radio (William Shatner) tells scary stories on air, all four parts focus on the supernatural. The highlight of the last story, which focuses on Santa Claus fighting zombies in the North Pole.

Not to brag about any famous director or actors except Shatner, Christmas horror story It beats the concept alone and the execution makes it fun for an hour. While the tight budget is noticeable at times, its commitment to the absurd stories it tells makes it one of the best Christmas horror films in recent years.

“Three…Extremes” (2004) RT score: 83%

A collaboration between three of the most famous directors in East Asia, Three… the endings Characterized by work fruit chan From Hong Kong, South Korea park chan wook (big boy), the Japanese master Gonzo Takashi Miki.

The clips tell disturbing stories that include a disgusting dumpling giving young people a gift, a sadistic addition that holds the director and his family hostage, and a novelist plagued by nightmares of her past as a circus performer. All of this makes the anthology an essential watch for fans of body horror. Three… the endings Available to stream on Tubi.

“Ghost Stories” (2017) RT score: 85%

Selections from England ghost stories It follows Philip Goodman, a television presenter who runs a show dedicated to exposing supernatural events. It is followed by the movie where he meets three different people, each with their own story to share with the skeptics. Martin Freeman It stars as one of the storytellers, and it’s fun to see the famous actor delve into an even darker area.

Following one character as he investigates various tales, ghost stories Capable of maintaining a consistent tone throughout its runtime while building into a sophisticated conclusion. While it can be unsettling at times, the script offers some humor to culminate in an enjoyable viewing. ghost stories Available to stream on AMC+ and Tubi.

‘Tales from the Crypt’ (1972) RT score: 90%

Based on a series of picture books, Tales from the crypt It remains one of the most popular horror anthologies. The original film follows tourists who encounter the infamous Crypt Keeper as they tour some of the catacombs. The Crypt Keeper shows each one his final death, which leads to the next five stories.

The film’s popularity led to its revival as a television series on HBO that ran for seven seasons in the 1990s. It kept the Crypt Keeper element, who acted as the narrator and provided short stories for each episode about the terrifying. This series proved to be more popular than the movie and features guest appearances from A-listers including Arnold SchwarzeneggerAnd the Whoopi GoldbergAnd the Brad Pitt. Tales from the crypt Available to stream on Tubi.

“V/H/S/94” (2021) RT score: 91%

The longest-running selection of horror films, V / H / S / 94 It is the fourth entry in the franchise that began in 2012. Moving the series back to 1994, five directors tell stories featuring terrorist organizations, mad scientists, supernatural events in the aftermath, and a rat-like creature that lurks in the city’s storm drains.

Purchased by Shudder and offered as an original film, the horror-focused viewer claims the film has the highest viewership on the service at launch. fifth entry, V / H / S / 99It was announced for release on October 20, just in time for Halloween. V / H / S / 94 Available to stream on AMC+ and Shudder.

“The Terror Trilogy” (1975) RT score: 92%

He put the fear of dolls in people’s minds 13 years ago baby playAnd the horror trilogy stars Karen Black As different characters in three separate stories, which feature a dark relationship between a teacher and her student, devious twin sisters, and the aforementioned killer doll as she attacks a woman alone in her home.

While the first two parts can often be forgotten, the third, titled “Amelia,” proved notorious enough that it helped the made-for-TV movie achieve the status of a cult classic. The evil Zuni doll featured in the picture remains one of the most terrifying dolls in horror, and the movie began Black’s long association with the horror genre. horror trilogy Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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