Top 10 Reasons To Watch Dawson Creek If You Love One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill It has become a very popular TV series with many viewers watching the next episode which is full of drama. If you missed the feeling you got from this series, there is another series that might fill its gap. Dawson’s Creek.

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Dawson’s Creek It focuses more on the little things between the characters’ relationships and discovering who they are, but it definitely has a story full of drama including the character’s death, love triangles, and high school drama.

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Teenager “fighting force”

One Tree Hill He creates Peyton’s character as a awakened teen who is sick and tired of the world shattering for her and people who discriminate against others. She wants to fight the injustice of the world and express her opinion.

Dawson’s Creek Jane is used as their stance against society. She had a poor upbringing which reflects her stubborn, faltering personality. She tries to show others the injustice in the world and tries to fight it with her voice and actions, accepting everyone for who they are.

Continuous love triangle

One Tree Hill He has an ongoing love triangle between Peyton, Brooke, and Lucas. Lucas is confused about his conflicting feelings between these two teens. He alternates the relationships and tensions that arise for him to make his decision. In the end, Peyton chose to take off at sunset.

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Dawson’s Creek It contains a love triangle that continues the entire gamut between Dawson, Pacey, and Joey. The love triangle becomes very complicated with many arguments but it concludes in the last episode where Joey and Basie find love.

Writers and scriptwriters

One Tree HillLucas Scott began writing a book about him and his friends throughout high school. The book was a huge success and ended up becoming a TV series last season. You can watch his story unfold and that focuses on him and Peyton.

Dawson’s CreekHe creates Dawson’s character around his love of screenwriting and directing since the very first episode. After graduating from college, he struggles to find his place in the world but ends up creating a TV series about his life with his friends.

The beginning of adulthood is a conspiracy

One Tree Hill Follows the story of young teens in high school to find out who they are and what they want to be. After high school, they rapidly progress to a time after college when they are young people still lost in the world and end up happy with what they have become.

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Dawson’s CreekIt follows young teens in high school and through college to find their way in life. They show them as post-college youth struggling to succeed in the world, but soon become happy with their lives.

Enemies stuck in the school room together

One Tree Hill Includes an episode where the actors get stuck in the school library. This group of women has many problems with each other. They end up fighting a lot, but eventually, they start to understand each other more.

Dawson’s Creek Includes an episode where a group of teens are stuck in confinement with each other. This awkward scenario gets worse with a game of truth or dare, unlike a game One Tree HillIt ends up deteriorating relationships between teens.

Character death

One Tree Hill Filled with many deaths and grief including the deaths of Dan Scott, Keith Scott, Jimmy Edwards, Quentin Fields, and many more. There were so many tragedies that I ended up crying halfway through the series.

Dawson’s Creek The death toll is much lower, but it also caused tears with the deaths of Abby, Mitch Dawson, and Jane in the later series. One Tree Hill It certainly produced a much more tragic series with many deaths, however, Dawson’s Creek focused more on the characters who would survive.

Parents control

One Tree Hill It contained many parental problems including parental control. Dan Scott controlled his son, Nathan, every day of his life until Nathan put an end to it. Brooke’s mother, Victoria, took control of her business because she saw her daughter as incapable.

Dawson’s Creek It contained parents who were overprotective and controlling. Jane’s parents sent her away to her grandmother’s stern house as if it was a lost cause. Dawson’s father pressured him to stay in school and continue on his way.

absent parents

One Tree Hill He has several absentee parents including Dan Scott who abandoned Lucas Scott to his other family, even when he lived in the same city. Peyton’s dad is away almost all year because of his work, and Brooke Davis’ adorable dad doesn’t pay any attention to her until last season when she was a mature woman.

Dawson’s Creek He has his fair share of absentee parents including Pacey, who is technically present, but when he’s around, he’s either putting Pacey in calling him a failure or he’s drunk. Joey’s father is in prison, and when he is released, he deals drugs and ends up in prison again.

high school drama

One Tree Hill It has its fair share of high school drama including pregnancies, broken relationships, friends becoming enemies, failed students, harassment, and basketball drama. This makes for a very interesting viewing during their high school experience.

Dawson’s CreekHe has a lot of high school drama including drunken arguments and mistakes, students struggling to graduate, and personal problems. These problems are very similar to One Tree HillHigh school drama, but with its own unique twist.

heart disease

in One Tree HillDan discovers he has a heart condition, which worsens in later seasons and needs a new heart to survive. This condition passes on to his son Lucas, which means that he cannot play basketball anymore due to the danger of death.

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in Dawson’s CreekJane discovers that she suffers from a severe heart condition in later seasons when they are adults. She ends up dying from the condition, but she makes a video of her daughter to remember.

Romantic Gestures

One Tree Hill He has many wonderful and romantic gestures including Lucas writing a second book about his eternal love for Peyton and Nathan and Haley kissing in the rain, the couple’s unwavering support and love for their dreams.

in Dawson’s CreekThere are many romantic gestures including Pacey buying a wall for Joey to pay her to create a masterpiece, and Pacey taking care of Andy and her mother when they are both having mental health issues showing true love and maturity.

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