10 homeless villains who should get a franchise

Horace Pinker and Madman Marz

as such The end of Halloween Preparing for the final battle between Laurie and Michael Myers on October 14, it’s amazing that Michael Myers has received so many notable sequels and reboots decades after the 1978 original debuted. Many other villains have reached this milestone as Ghostface, but for every Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, there are the nasty villains who, for one reason or another, have been given the proverbial ax after just one click and denied their perks.

The slasher type is so oversaturated that it’s hard to make room for everyone, but these homeless villains deserved more than one stab at greatness. Unfortunately, most of them just got a one-off remake after decades. From Prowler to Patrick Bateman, they have the greatest potential to inspire as much horror that would have justified a franchise like the others.

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Madman Mars

This summer camp is one of the most brutal villains ever to haunt movie theaters, and Madman Marz manages to impress audiences with just one movie under its belt. While the first crazy Not quite remembered as a classic, it would be easy to imagine this reclusive psychopath holding at least a few other films and delivering some unforgettable creative killings along the way.

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Unfortunately for this disfigured killer Friday 13 She already had dibs on the campground-themed murder movies when this flick came out. then again, Friday 13 was a monkey Halloweenso it looks like Madman Marz should have been given his own chance to evolve into a sequel.


Aside from the new Jensen Ackles edition being produced nearly thirty years later, this coal miner turned killer has never been given a proper supplement. This is quite surprising, given that the killer is still so creative in his design and intellect. He has everything a villain could have: an unforgettable outfit, a signature weapon with his axe, and even a holiday that could revolve around murders.

More than that, there is an air of mystery and intrigue surrounding this killer. Many townspeople believe that Harry Warden, a miner, murdered the townspeople on Valentine’s Day after they got trapped in the mines. However, the film does keep audiences guessing, a quality that eludes most pieces. However, the eventual reveal of the killer may have left audiences uninterested in seeing more sequels.


The director of this film, Joseph Zito, continued his work Friday the thirteenth: the last chapter. Easily one of the franchise’s most respected entries. Therefore, it is not surprising that Zito also has another slash to his name loaferA horrific murder mystery about a masked killer who stalks a graduation party.

The titular killer dresses as a World War II soldier and kills his victims in astonishingly horrific ways. It seems inconsequential for him to be destined for his own privilege. Sadly, for The Prowler, there was never a sequel or remake, making it one marvel. In the end, this cult classic appears to have been more of a stepping stone to Zito’s career than the basis for a new franchise.

Kenny Hampson

Most homeless villains have memorable looks, but this one has many. A socially awkward teen with nasty joke scars, Kenny kills his classmates on a train. Using an in-flight costume contest to his advantage, Kenny wore several lockers as he chased among the passengers, making him more realistic, and making him even cooler as a result.

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One of the most secret pieces, Kenny stands out from his peers in only one movie, Terror Trainunder his name. Being a master of disguise, it was very interesting to see more sequels with the character and see what other tricks he had up his sleeve. And the villain responsible for one of the greatest twists in slasher history deserves at least one more outing.

Frank Zito

Unlike most other villains, who are usually theatrical in some way, Frank Zito is a much more realistic earthly killer who shares a lot in common with Travis Bickle from taxi driver It’s scary Jason Voorhees from Friday 13. But this gritty reality only makes Frank more annoying to a character, which is a big reason for that idiot It was one of the most controversial exploitation films of the 1980s.

Apart from Elijah Wood’s edition, this character is only present in this one movie. Although he doesn’t share the gimmicks or trappings usually associated with homeless villains, Frank Zito is so persuasively psychotic that it at least begs the question of whether horror fans should see more of him. Either way, idiot It exists as a strong, if not above-violent, character study of a terrifying person.

Patrick Bateman

American Psycho It’s kind of so curious that it’s hard to tell if Patrick Bateman is the “slasher” icon. One thing is for sure – audiences would have loved to see more of Christian Bale’s legendary performance as the narcissistic, moonlit narcissist as a serial killer.

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A serial killer like no other, Batman is super charismatic and utterly reprehensible, a totally unique maniac that has never been encountered or even rivaled. So, there’s definitely no real sequels or follow-ups. Technically, there was a sequel to Mina Kunis, but it had almost nothing to do with Bateman, and Bale was not involved. Patrick Bateman’s murder feats have been limited to this masterpiece, for better or worse.

Horace Pinker

After creating one of the greatest villains ever with Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm StreetWes Craven sought to make a new icon out of his next movie, shocker. There, he introduced the world to Horace Pinker, a serial killer who can travel using electricity. Pinker is more a super-villain than anything else, and one of the most experimental famous villains ever to be shown on screen.

While shocker To mixed reviews, it’s not hard to imagine Craven perfecting the concept with more sequels. TV broadcasts are a really great idea to further this story, like the kind that would only have come from the late great Wes Craven.


One of the few pieces that predates Michael Myers (in fact, black christmas It had a direct impact on Halloween), this faceless killer may not have an iconic mask or costume, but he’s easily one of the most disturbing characters in a prankster movie. A cult classic that has become more respected, black christmas She didn’t get a direct supplement despite being one of the ancestors of the genre.

If the filmmakers could have preserved the mystery surrounding the character, Billy could have easily gone on to appease audiences. Of course, there were a couple of gear, but they either completely reinvented Billy or omitted him entirely. The character deserves more time in the spotlight. After all, if the world could be twelve Friday 13 Movies, Billy could spare one more at least.


This cinematic threat terrifies theaters in burn, a classic of the genre that shocked audiences with its vicious murder and agonizing determination of the killer. Cropsey is so evil and ruthless that he makes Jason Voorhees look like Mr. Rogers. However, Cropsey was not given any kind of follow-up.

This is all the more surprising, given that Cropsey was based on a popular urban legend, which means that the character was almost scientifically engineered to be the perfect bogeyman. Probably, burn It was so violent that the franchise was not commercially viable, which is a shame. Then again, it’s probably best that Cropsey’s picture isn’t polluted by the silly sequences that most villains get.

Mrs. Voorhees

While technically helping launch one of the biggest franchises in horror history Friday 13Mrs. Voorhees was not actually to be aloof from her. Instead, her son Jason took over running the show, and the rest is history. But even though Jason is synonymous with the franchise, it’s hard to deny that Ms. Voorhees would have been a welcome return to fans during the sequels.

Star Betsy Palmer didn’t think the movie would do well, but she still gave it everything and gave a performance that raised the bar for the original. Her blend of psychotic energy and sweet maternal love has made her quite a distinct character in the horror chronicles, and there’s definitely an alternate world where she’s back for the sequel instead of Jason.

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