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with a string like Obi-Wan Kenobi Back in the prequel era, there’s never been a better time to celebrate the beginning of the George Lucas Skywalker saga. Prequel memes have provided a way for fans to honor Lucas’ divisive films of more than two decades, exposing the wrongs of the Jedi Council, highlighting the limitless power of Darth Sidious, and mocking Anakin Skywalker from the Shining Side.

Whether it’s the intricate political lines of the previous trilogy, the awkward romance between Anakin and Padmé, or the eventual Palpatine power grab, these memes perfectly encapsulate what sets Lucas’ movies apart.

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The Prequel Trilogy Begins With Business Negotiations

Lucas began the trilogy before him with negotiations between the Trade Federation and two Jedi Knights, sent by the Jedi Council to stop the shipping siege on Naboo, but its disastrous results made matters worse. Little did the Jedi know that this political farce had been orchestrated by Seth Lord with the aim of creating an explosive political cause that would force the Republic into militarization.

It was clear from the start that the Jedi were above their heads, pawns of an ancient evil that was obliterating their rule. Even the common wisdom of the Jedi Council could not foresee the malevolent plot until it was too late. There seemed to be no exact back-up plan when the negotiations were “short”.

That turned into the cloning wars

When the Trade Union allied itself with separatists who were increasingly unaffected by the rule of the Republic, the problem necessitated a vote of “no confidence” in then-Chancellor Velorum, and Senator Palpatine was elected to replace him. He chose to militarize the republic and recruit an army of clone soldiers he had already had a hand in developing in the name of Darth Sidious.

With these new clone forces, programmed to carry out Order 66 in one of the most unexpected moments in the antebellum trilogy, the Republic can not only eradicate the Separatists and bring the galaxy to life, but it can also wipe out the Jedi Order in a tackle. What started out as something considered useful has turned into the galaxy’s worst nightmare.

Presented by Prequel Midichlorians . Trilogy

Master Qui-Gon Jinn described the inhabitants of Central Chlorine to the susceptible Anakin Skywalker as microscopic organisms within the cells of all living things, which transmit the will of power to anyone sensitive enough to contact it, and help the Jedi harness its power. Anakin had a larger population of Central Chlorine than Master Yoda, a data point that appears to give measurable evidence that he is the chosen one who will strike a balance in strength.

Midichlorians were Lucas’ way of explaining and contextualizing the Force, although their ephemeral quality was never questioned by fans, who simply accepted the Force the way they accepted laser swords, wampa, and TIE fighters making sound in space.

Darth Maul has become known as one of the coolest Star Wars villains of all time

Darth Maul was one of the best characters in the previous trilogy to appear in only one movie, and he was the most exciting villain in star Wars canon since Darth Vader, and has introduced an acrobatic and aggressive style of swordsmanship that has revitalized fans with a lightsaber. An apprentice to Darth Sidious, he is sent to kill Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi, a task in which he is only partially successful.

Although Maul was only seen briefly in the previous trilogy, he was such a famous character that he became an ambassador for it, and his iconic beauty of red and black tattoos, horns, and glowing yellow eyes epitomizes his (then) newest innovation. star Wars Movies.

Anakin and Padmé fell in love

Anakin met Padmé when he was just a boy in Tatooine and she was barely a teenager ruling Naboo, and as if their initial introduction wasn’t awkward enough at Watto’s junk shop, their reunion ten years later was uncomfortable. As Padmé became engrossed in her duties as a Senator, the Jedi Training was still plagued by night visions of his “angel”.

While Anakin tries his best to maintain his composure when he meets the subject of his obsession again, his words betray him. Through the dialogue he long ago mocked, he pours his heart out at her and expects to receive a similar response, but all she can do is stare in confusion. In many ways, this is exactly how my Jedi-Protector was forced to renounce all sentiment and a reclusive politician would act under these circumstances.

Anakin learned the power of the dark side

Despite being under his master’s watchful eye, Anakin eventually becomes fascinated by the dark side due to his ability to save the love of his life. The ability to stop people from dying was an “unnatural ability” that the Jedi prevented, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from asking Chancellor Palpatine all about Darth Plaggis and his quest for immortality.

Anakin should have been worried about why a politically influential person like Palpatine had access to the Sith’s secrets, but he was blinded by his arrogance. He actually believed that he could learn the Force and be the one who mastered it completely, just like all the Siths before him, perpetuating an ancient cycle that crippled (and cemented) the Sith’s path.

Anakin thought he was destined to be the strongest Jedi ever

As the Chosen One, Anakin naturally assumed that he would become “the strongest Jedi ever”, but he would never know if that would happen. After being deprived of the position of master, he sat wryly in the Jedi council and was pushed near Chancellor Palpatine. In the end, the counselor’s siren song about unlimited power was too much for the young Jedi to resist.

Only Anakin’s new powers could save the one he loved from death, and he knew he wasn’t the Jedi he should be. With feelings rooted in his own inadequacy in Tatooine that arose as someone else’s property, he was greatly amplified when he was prevented from reaching his full potential by the people around him whose opinion he respected.

Darth Sidious became powerful and formed the first galactic empire

When Mace Windu finally learns the truth about the Sith’s plot to destroy the Jedi, he seeks to strike his heart before it’s too late, but Anakin doesn’t allow him to kill Palpatine, the only person who can show him how to stop him. wife of death. In one of the prequel trilogy’s darkest moments, Anakin is judged by himself and the galaxy.

Anakin allowed emotion to overshadow his judgment, and was tempted by the dark side as Palpatine knew it would be. The Sith Lord was able to destroy Master Windu, crush the Jedi Order and the Clone Wars, and rebuild the Galactic Empire from the ashes of the Republic. Had Master Windu and the rest of the Jedi not been so strict with the tenants about love, marriage, and attachment, Anakin might not have been so easily affected by the power that allowed them.

Luke and Leah were born

As fate would have it, Anakin was not only able to save Padmé from death, but also actively contributed to her death. In one of the more pre-scratch trilogy options, she died in childbirth from a broken heart that gave life to Luke and Leia, who were separated and placed on different planets where their father could not find them.

Leia was raised as a princess and diplomat, and Luke as a moisture grower. Their environments shaped their view of the world. Leia believed that she could accomplish great things due to her influence and royal prestige, while Luke was cautious about his accomplishments and his impact on the galaxy. Fate had a specific journey for each of them in mind to move forward, a journey that eventually led to their meeting.

Prequel trilogy has a lot of fans

To this day, despite being battered during her debut years, the prequel trilogy has a loyal fan base. It continues to grow with each passing year, as more fans become nostalgic for its stories, characters, and themes. In many ways, it is reassuring as it was once shocking and even repulsive.

In many ways, besides the original trilogy, she has become one of the most beloved characters in star Wars canon due to Lucas’ personal involvement as well as the fact that each new Disney installment differs in quality. Prequel memes are one of the most appropriate ways to express joy about that distant galaxy.

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