15 players threaten to quit the Spanish national football team due to a row with coach Jorge Velda

Players of the Spain women’s soccer team have been embroiled in a row as their country’s soccer federation continues over Jorge Velda as head coach.

Fifteen professionals are said to have made themselves unavailable for international selection while Velda remained in the position.

Members of the Spanish national football team are believed to be unhappy with the way the team is being run under Jorge Velda.


Members of the Spanish national football team are believed to be unhappy with the way the team is being run under Jorge Velda.Credit: Environmental Protection Agency

Thursday, the Royal Spanish Football Federation confirmed They received emails from 15 members of the team stating their intention to “resign from the Spanish national team”.

However, the organization firmly stated that it refuses to allow players to “question the continuity” of Velda and his backstage crew.

This news comes weeks after reports in Spain of a dispute between two players with the coach.

Watchman Reports Red Devils duo Una Batley, Lucia Garcia, Laya Alexandre, Leila and Happy from Man City were among the individuals believed to have sent the emails.

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But neither captain Irene Paredes nor midfield Alexia Butillas is believed to be among the group.

written statement, The sport’s governing body said: “The Royal Spanish Football Federation received 15 emails from 15 players from the women’s football first team, all by chance, all in the same wording.

They state that the current situation is ‘significantly’ affecting their ’emotional state’ and ‘health’ and that ‘as long as it is not reversed’ they are resigning from the Spanish national team.

“The Spanish Football Federation will not allow players to question the continuity of the national coach and his coaching staff, because making these decisions does not fall within their powers.

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“The federation will not accept any kind of pressure from any player when taking sporting measures.

“These kinds of maneuvers are far from ideal, outside the values ​​of football and sport, and are harmful.

“According to current Spanish legislation, failure to attend a national team invitation is classified as a very serious violation and can result in penalties of between two and five years of disqualification.”

Felda began her managerial career as a Spanish Under-19 women’s assistant, and has been in charge of the first team since 2015.

In July, the team reached the quarter-finals of this year’s Euro, losing to England, and the team went on to win the championship.

according to ESPNPlayers are believed to be upset with team selection, training sessions and how injuries are managed.

Spain reached the quarter-finals of this year's Euro


Spain reached the quarter-finals of this year’s EuroCredit: AP

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