7 reasons why photographers should switch from Instagram to VERO

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Instagram used to be the go-to platform for photographers, but many creators are becoming increasingly resentful of the platform. Several celebrities have also complained, including Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

In August 2022, Peter McKinnon posted a video of VERO to over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Since then, the platform has gained traction and attracted the attention of many creators.

If you are a photographer, you may find great value in publishing your work on VERO. This article will identify seven reasons why you should consider switching.

1. Do not compress my account

When posting their work on social media, many creators fall into the trap of trying to please algorithms. Once you are on the hamster wheel, creating content for enjoyment becomes more and more difficult. And while burnout has many contributors, not liking what you do is one of them.

Instagram algorithms have changed a lot since 2020. And while there are some ways to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm, throughout 2022 many creators have reported a huge drop in engagement – ​​especially in still photos. If you don’t post videos on the platform, organic growth is a much bigger challenge than it used to be.

If you don’t want post compression for the sake of algorithms, VERO is well worth a look. The platform claims that it does not use algorithms; As such, you can focus on sharing your favorite pieces without extra stress.

2. No ads

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram in 2022, you’ve likely noticed more ads appearing in your feed. We should not be surprised by this; The network needs to make money somehow. And of course, Instagram isn’t the only social media platform where you’ll find ads these days. However, seeing ads when scrolling through your feed can be annoying.

When using VERO, you will not see ads. Instead, your feed is largely made up of posts from the people you follow. If you choose to stay on Instagram and not switch to VERO – or use both platforms – you can adjust your advertising interests on Instagram to make them more relevant to you.

3. Sharing content can be fun again

Many photographers initially fell in love with their craft by posting their content on Instagram. Back in the 2000s, sharing photos from your travels and life was a lot of fun. Now, however, a lot of the big creators said they don’t find Instagram as fun to post on it as before.

You could say there are several reasons why Instagram is no longer fun for many creators. Those who have been on the platform for several years may be bored with it. Another possibility is that the disruption and constant changing of the platform has reduced the motivation of photographers to share their work.

If you are interested in trying something new, posting on VERO can help you reclaim the love you had for sharing your work with others. In addition to images, you can pin links to articles you’ve written and much more.

4. Chronological summary

In 2016, Instagram removed the time feed, then in 2022, Instagram brought back the time feed, but it wasn’t what it used to be. At the time of writing, time feed is not set as the default option. Instead, you have to go to the top and choose ‘Follow’ or ‘Favorite’ every time you open the app.

Who wants to manually switch to a time feed every time you open an app? You don’t have to do with VERO. All posts are displayed in the order in which they were published, making it easy to view all the content of the people you follow.

When you first joined Instagram to share your photographs, what was the reason for that? Besides posting your art, you’ll probably want to find a community of like-minded people. And while you can still find interesting people to follow on Instagram, doing so is more of a challenge than it used to be.

VERO has described itself as a “true social”, with the community aspect being one of the most important parts of how it operates. Like and comment works the same as on Instagram, but you don’t have to deal with many bots. Likewise, you will not have to deal with many fake accounts that follow you.

Another benefit of using VERO is the ease of discovering artists. For example, you can browse the featured photographers section to discover creators that you might find interesting.

6. Post individual photos

If you’ve tried to increase your Instagram followers, you’ve probably noticed that single photos don’t work as well as they used to. Carousels are an excellent way to tell a story, but in some cases, you may not want to share multiple photos at the same time.

When using VERO, you can post individual photos without worrying about how many likes you get. And if you occasionally want to share exhibitions, you also have this option; They both get a good view.

7. Get the board before the paid subscription model starts playing

At the time of writing in September 2022, registration for a VERO account and use of the platform is free. However, this will not remain the case forever.

Since the platform does not make money from ads, it needs to find alternative ways to generate revenue. VERO plans to offer a paid subscription model in the future, and while it won’t be expensive, using all of its features for free is a better option.

Tired of Instagram? Give VERO a chance

Instagram is still a valuable platform for photographers, but many users find it less fun to use than before. Network is still trying to figure out how to move forward, especially with the fierce competition from TikTok. While this will likely balance itself out over time, it does mean that users will feel the effect for a while.

VERO has gained a lot of attention for its community focus and using it to share your photos is a lot of fun. It’s nowhere near the full package, but the early signs are promising. And even if you don’t delete Instagram, using VERO at least allows you to diversify your online presence.

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