Bloodborne Modder says PC port will be easier than fans think


According to the Bloodborne mod, a 60 FPS port for PC of FromSoftware’s gothic monster slayer isn’t as hard to achieve as previously thought.

Upgraded PC port of FromSoftware’s famous monster slayer blood borne It is just a couple of lines of code from becoming a reality, according to one of the authors. As FromSoftware continues to enjoy success with its open world business, elden ringMany fans of the developer’s previous endeavors had been hoping to see an official return of these beloved experiences. One fan even went so far as to visualize what Unreal Engine 5 is based on blood borne 2 will look like.

If fighting is fierce and fast-paced in 2015 blood borne It didn’t immediately distinguish it from its Soulsborne brethren, the stunning gothic setting and atmosphere would rather be. Contrary to the gloomy atmosphere of Satan souls And the Evil spiritsThe decay of the fantasy medieval atmosphere, blood borne She bore a crushing quagmire of despair amidst an ornate gothic world exploding in its depravity. This captivating world has entrapped millions of would-be hunters and offered a gritty combat system that rewards players for sheer perseverance in the face of a brutal challenge. Despite the overwhelming praise and honor of unofficial surname change souls collection for Solsbornthere are no plans to release a file blood borne remaster announced.

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Recent article by Playstation Lifestyle Uncover the argument he sought so much blood borne The PC port is actually easier to achieve than previously thought. As I mentioned Playstation LifestyleAnd the blood borne Modder Lance MacDonald I took to Twitter to respond to the statements made about how difficult it is to level up blood borne. MacDonald stated thatThere are no technical barriers between Bloodborne and the PC / 60fps PS5 / Re-release. In more detail, MacDonald claimed that only two lines of code needed to be changed blood borne For playback at 60fps on newer platforms, Sony can easily do this without FromSoftware. Surprisingly, MacDonald will also claim that the defunct Japan Studio, who helped with this blood borneProduced, it has a PC port build that ran on Windows 7 before it was decommissioned.

Bloodborne’s 60fps PC port seems that simple

If McDonald’s claims are true, one wonders why Sony didn’t issue blood borne on the computer. Sony’s recent commitment to publish PC ports for PlayStation games makes the situation even more difficult. Since FromSoftware has already confirmed several new projects in the works, it’s entirely possible that some form of return to the title could be as influential as blood borne You could get into these plans somehow. It may also be that if a McDonald’s remaster is as easy to achieve as you claim, Sony and FromSoftware may wait for the right moment to do so.

with blood borne Fans are still waiting for news of the PC release, and one wonders what FromSoftware’s plans might be. Although fans have been busy with many cool fan projects, such as blood borne Kart Racer featuring a hunter’s motorcycle, these amusing trinkets can only satiate for so long. Hopefully all this continued fan support will be enough to motivate Sony and FromSoftware to allow Hunter’s Moon to resurface with a new device. blood borne project.

source: Playstation LifestyleAnd the Lance MacDonald / Twitter

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