Cowardly Dog Courage Confirmed A Huge Fan Theory (But Made It Even Darker)

Courage on the computer in Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Thanks to the comic book team with the Powerpuff Girls, fans can simultaneously see a dark fan theory being disproved and proven!

There is a famous theory that monsters exist inside Courage of a cowardly dog It may not already exist. Instead, the in-universe explanation is that all these monsters are just fictional manifestations of Courage’s own mind. After all, bravery has always been portrayed on the show as being easily frightened whether or not a monster is present.

This theory suggests that his natural feelings of fear generated monsters based on how he perceived the world. His lack of general understanding when it comes to the world around him has, in theory, exaggerated what people see daily as ordinary problems. Meanwhile, he considers them catastrophic events. This would explain why Bravery Characters like Eustace and Muriel rarely seem afraid – if at all. For example, Freaky Fred may have just been a weird guy who was made terrified by Courage’s fear of cutting his hair.

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As with most fan theories, it’s up to the viewer to decide how true these theories are, but The Powerpuff Girls: Super Smash Up! Numbers 1 and 2 from Derek Charm, Jeremy Whiteley, and Jorge Monlongo seem to confirm and disprove this theory. First, readers see the Powerpuff Girls responding and interacting with one of these monsters, confirming that they do indeed exist. However, readers also see Courage hallucinating what the Powerpuff Girls look like. At first glance, he sees it as more terrifying and frightening than it actually appears.

It’s interesting to see this fan theory both confirmed and refuted at the same time. It was disproved that monsters only existed in the head of Courage and that they were all just manifestations of his own fears. At the same time, it was emphasized that Courage, in fact, overreacts to ordinary things in the world. Yes, he views the world as more terrifying than it actually is, but that doesn’t mean his fears aren’t true. The world within the universe Courage of a cowardly dog He really suffers from monsters, even if bravery considers these monsters to be more terrifying than they really are, basic things and people are even more terrifying than they actually are.

Even more interesting, and perhaps frightening, is the suggestion that all of the monsters Courage encounters throughout the series are more scary than they really are. The audience would agree that most guts monsters are indeed terrifying. Just imagine how terrified they would actually be from Courage’s eyes, or what they might actually look like without him Courage of a cowardly dog Its already intense features intensified.

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