Every location from Remy’s recipe book in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley Remys Recipe Book Quest Locations

A guide with pictures of the three recipe locations that Remy calls for in Remy’s Recipe Book mission in Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley It has several missions that the player must complete, and one of them helps the player to gain more recipes used in cooking meals. Cooking plays a big role in Dreamlight ValleyAnd many of the recipes in the game are obtained via Remy from ratatouille. The ‘Remy’s Recipe Book’ mission helps the player to upgrade their friendship with Remy as well as learn new recipes and access a new ingredient.

Players must have reached level 4 of their friendship with Remy before starting this mission. in Dreamlight ValleyPlayers must raise their friendship level with each of the characters they welcome into the valley. This can be done by talking with the characters every day, giving them gifts (especially their favorite ones), and bringing them with you while you work in the valley.

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Once players reach level 4 of their friendship with Remy, they must go and talk to him to start Remy’s Recipe Book. Remy will tell the player that he doesn’t remember where most of his recipes are. From there, players need to go and talk to Mickey and use his memory to identify the three recipes that Remy is looking for.

Remy’s 3 Quest Recipe Locations in Dreamlight Valley

While Mickey’s memory helps players locate the general location of Remy’s recipes in Dreamlight ValleyIts location is still difficult to locate. All three locations will have the glowing, sparkling signature of dirt or sand. The first location is on the Peaceful Meadow and can be found to the left (upon facing the castle) of the stairs to Dazzle Beach, directly opposite the cliff. The second location is on Dazzle Beach. The player will need to head near Goofy’s Stall (if they haven’t moved it yet) and the recipe will be in front of the dock. The third location inside the cave has several gates to open Dreamlight Valley Quest “with great power”. This recipe is located on the lower levels in front of the cooking stove.

Once the player finds all three recipes and returns them to Remy, the player will be asked to return to his kingdom (via the castle) to retrieve a new ingredient: the peanuts. Once the player gets the peanuts and returns them to Remy, the player will be asked to make a peanut butter sandwich and peanut butter pancakes. Players will have to buy peanuts for these recipes from Remy in the back of his kitchen. The peanut butter sandwich requires one wheat and one peanut, and the peanut butter sandwiches require one wheat, one peanut, one egg and one milk (both must also be purchased from Remy).

Once the player talks to Remy the last time, his mission will be marked as complete. Players will be able to use peanuts as an ingredient from now on. However, Remy peanuts always have to be purchased and cannot be found anywhere else in the valley yet.

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