French Action Movies That Are Underrated

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In most parts of the world, American cinema is dominated above all else, with Hollywood taking most of the people’s attention and money. However, many European countries also have a rich film history that includes almost every genre France Among the biggest players.

While tradition dictates that Hong Kong has always been the biggest influence in the action genre, French cinema has also turned into a few gems that have inspired many English adaptations that rarely come close to their originals. After all, without Luc Besson, the taken The franchise couldn’t have propelled Liam Neeson as a modern action star. However, there are much more French works than the famous director.

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Doberman – 1997

With a screenplay penned by French science fiction author Joel Hussain, and based on his series of novels that bear his name, Doberman It follows an eccentric group of criminals playing tug-of-war with a sadistic police officer who will do anything to hunt them down. Doberman Starring French icon Vincent Cassel as Doberman, Monica Bellucci as his deaf girlfriend in an action movie that gets some serious. Bonnie and Clyde percussion instrument.

Director Jan Konin put together a funny and tense film, one that makes it impossible for the viewer to take his eyes off him. Each scene looks great, despite its modest budget compared to other action movies. not only this, Doberman It hit the scenes hard, causing a lot of shock and horror to the audience.

Taxi – 1998

It’s hard to think of something understated as Besson, but in between professional leon And the Fifth ElementAnd the He found time to write one of the best action-comedies in French cinema, Taxi. Film star Sami Nasri, Frederic Deventhal and young Marion Cotillard. Young Daniel Morales teams up with a police officer who can’t drive to create an astonishing number of car chase scenes on avenue Marseille.

If this assumption sounds familiar, it’s probably because Taxi It had a terrible American edition in 2004, starring Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon, Gisele Bundchen. Despite this, in France, supplementation rises to taxi 5 And it always brought in amazing earnings, which makes it a must watch. It’s not exactly the heyday of French cinema, but it’s certainly not one to be missed.

ÀBot Portant (point blank) – 2010

the original point blank It’s a rare gem because it thrives on how powerful the combat sequences and special effects are, something the old French action classics aren’t known for. While that, ÀBot Portant Characterized by working moments even more porn or John Wick The style, combined with the sexy vibes that will make many forget that this was made in France, at least until great shots of the Parisian scene emerge.

Oddly enough, the repertoire of director Fred Cavaye’s work is practically non-existent. Most of his works are close to the thriller genre. Inclusive, plank point “Husband Saves His Wife” is so foolproof that the movie has been approved in many countries and languages, with Netflix point blank Starring Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, nowhere near matching the original.

Ned de Guêpes (the nest) – 2002

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s an exact copy of an American classic (John Carpenter’s Attack on area 13Florent makes Emilio Siri the nest This is not well known. However, this epic showdown is by no means a lower version of the previous film, let alone the 2005 version. The differences can be said to be mostly aesthetic, with Ned de Guêpes The ability to count on more recent developments. However, the film’s cinematography feels unmistakably French, unlike the aforementioned point blank.

This is fully demonstrated by the nest The final credits sequence, which is as melancholic French as it gets, along with the main character being developed in such a short time is very different from the way their American counterparts play out. Confronting a hundred Albanian gangsters is certainly not realistic, but the reasonableness is worth the sacrifice in this matter as Sami Nasiri, Benoit Majimil and Nadia Faris gave excellent performances.

Back Nord (stronghold) – 2020

Latest entry here, stronghold The film takes place in the always criminal area of ​​Marseille, one of the most dangerous regions of France, but without any comedic relief. Taxi brings to the table. It is easily available on Netflix and also offers better insight into the criminal world of the city than the poorly rated original series. Marseille.

Back Nord The classic tale of good cops and bad cops, the movie sparked so much controversy in France when it premiered. It’s also a great case of reviewer reviews that simply don’t align with the audience’s opinions, as they always do much better with users than critics, something that happens a lot in the action genre.

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