Harvey Keitel and Elizabeth Gillies production begins


Production started Spread, the latest original movie from Fox’s free streaming service Tubi. The Eli Kaner– A comedy directed by her, inspired by a true story, who will become a star Elizabeth Gillies And the Harvey Keitel. The film is about Ruby (Gillis), an aspiring feminist journalist. In desperate need of work, she ends up in Spread, an adult magazine whose best days are long behind. She impresses her new boss, the dull porn king Frank Ferretti (Keitel), and is tasked with designing the company’s new app. Along the way, she finds her opinion of the job, the adult industry she’s a part of, and changes for the better, even as she tries to keep it a secret.

The movie will be a star too Diedrich BaderAnd the Terry PoloAnd the Tim RosenAnd the Brian CraigAnd the Blake HarrisonAnd the Keith WalkerAnd the Dia FramptonAnd the Jonah PlattAnd the Dora Bird. The movie is based on the screenwriter buffy charlettWork experience in Larry Flint‘s a fraud magazine; Toby Head of Content Adam Lewison The movie says “a totally unique voice from an incredibly funny and insightful script”.

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Best known as a regular on victorious And the DynastyActor and singer Gillis recently voiced a starring role in Catwoman: Chasingand featured as a guest star in Orville. Keitel is a veteran of the screen field with a long-standing relationship with Martin ScorseseHe appeared in six of his films including I mean the streetsAnd the The last temptation of ChristAnd the Irish.

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regular on Drew Carey ShowBadr is a familiar comedian with roles Better things And the vice president; He is also an outstanding voice actor, especially portraying Batman The brave and the bold And the Harley Quinn. Polo is best known for her role in Meet the parents comedy. She recently starred in Fox’s big jump. Rozon starred in Sheet Creek And the Winona Earpand will appear in a remake of Tubi-original next month from Terror Train. Craig became famous in Public Hospitaland currently one of the stars in good problem. Harrison starred in overlappingand currently one of the stars in Kate and Koji. Singer-songwriter Frampton is the band’s lead vocalist Meg friendlyHe was runner-up in the first season of the sound. Platt is a writer and recently appeared on Netflix’s Disconnected. Byrd is repeated Cobra KaiHe recently appeared in the action thriller talented.

In addition to starring in the project, Gillies will also be executive producing Spread; Producer Stan SpryAnd the Eric Scott WoodsAnd the Grim Lewis; Screenwriter will produce Charlet. Cartel Pictures and Toby Films are produced.

Spread It is scheduled to premiere on Tubi next year.

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