How to beat the uneasy butcher (boss fight)

Unstable Butcher Steelrising Saw attack

SteelRising It can be a very challenging game, especially when it comes to beating difficult bosses, like the unstable butcher, as they will severely test players’ skills. As players explore this alternate history of the French Revolution as Aegis, a robot tasked with guarding Queen Marie Antoinette, they will encounter many types of different enemies. The strongest of these are the chiefs who look like spirits in SteelRisingTheir extensive health bars and unique moves will require players to master their characters in order to progress.

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One of the most important things players can do to make hitting bosses a lot easier is to level up their weapons. SteelRising It offers players a plethora of weapon classes to choose from, and most of them will do well in any boss fight in the game. However, it is very important to raise its level, as this greatly affects its damage and overall usefulness.

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To upgrade a weapon, players will need to invest anima as well as different types of crafting materials. These materials are Bronze Alloys, Cast Iron, Bismuth Blocks, and Orichalcum Alloys, and can often be found by exploring the world, defeating certain enemies, or in game stores. After obtaining all the necessary materials, players must head to the Vestal, select upgrades, and then weapons to upgrade the weapon to the fifth level.

How to defeat the uneasy butcher in Steelrising

The unsteady butcher is a long machine with circular saws for hands and can be found on Place Dauphine. This manager is relatively slow, something players can use to their advantage by falling back when needed to regain stamina or HP. Most of Butcher’s attacks consist of wide melee swings, but he can also attack from a range using his saw on the ground, which sends sparks into a cone in front of him. The most dangerous attack of this boss is his dash, he can go a long distance and sometimes catch players unaware in this fast and smooth game.

Unstable Butcher has one stage and few attacks, making this battle very manageable. The first priority of the players should be not to get caught between the boss and the wall, as the arena for this battle. SteelRising It can sometimes feel a little awkward. Otherwise, players should aim to punish the boss after attacking him, fall back to draw more attacks and repeat the process. It is crucial that players always monitor their stamina, because running out on bad times can leave them in a very dangerous situation.

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