Love Island Season 3: Where are they now?

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with Challenge: USA In the midst of the inaugural season, fans eagerly watch former reality TV stars compete for the title on CBS. Four of those competitors – Cashay Proudfoot and Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. and Javonny Vega and Shannon St. Clair – They starred in the third season of the USA version of love island.

With the appearance of these familiar faces, love island Fans have been wondering how the rest of the cast is going in Season 3 after a year in the villa. While none of the top ten winners are among those present Challenge: USAThey’ve definitely been busy with their own pursuits since their time on the show.

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10 Andre Brunelli

One of the recent additions to Villa was Andre Brunelli, the Brazilian-American, entering the competition on day 30. While he immediately fused with Trina and stayed with her until the end, he was only able to stay for just over a week before being voted on by his fellow contestants.

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Despite his short stay love islandBrunelli has managed to achieve huge success outside the realm of reality television. He currently works as a model for Next Models (via, and more recently, a Paid Partnership Take off with Qunol Gummies Vitamin Supplements (Confirmed via Instagram).

9 Trina Ngorog

On a day in the villa, Trina Njoroge bounced—even with one of Season 3’s worst pairings—before settling into a couple with Cinco (until he was wiped out by the girls on day 25). Then Njoroge paired up with Andre, as they were voted on by other couples on day 38.

since then love island, Njoroge decided to keep up with the reality TV party. It was in the inaugural season All Star Shore This summer, it was recently spotted at the VMAs with the rest of her team from Jersey Shore successor.

8 Charlie Lynch

Houston’s Charlie Lynch joined the cast of The Villa on the 19th, originally pairing up with Kashai, before leaving for Alana the following week. He and Alana made it to the finals, making the final four pairs to reach day 40.

A year later love island, Lynch and fellow competitor Trina Njorog stayed in contect. Both Back in a number of promotions paid together in suggestive contexts, leading fans to speculate that there was a possible relationship between the two.

7 Alana Polucci

New Yorker Alana Bolucci joins the cast for Season 3 of love island On day 26, pair up with Charlie for the duration of her stay. The two managed to survive elimination in Week 5 and reach the finals, where they finished fourth.

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since then love islandPaolucci has sharpened her modeling career recently some work For the FashionNova plus size line. She was also the Creative and Executive Director of video song Artist and producer Nalia’s latest single, “Trippin”.

6 Jeremy Hirschberg

A New Yorker and resident on day one of the villa, it took Jeremy Hirschberg a while to find his match, and he finally picked Billy on day 32. He and Billy narrowly escaped elimination later that week and made it to the finals, where they placed in third .

A year later, he got third place love islandHershberg pursues his love of film and runs a cinematic-themed Instagram page called cinematographic. He also recently worked on an advertising campaign for a credit advisory company ScoreNavigator.

5 Billy Marshall

Oregonian Billy Marshall, a latecomer to the villa, on day 26, joined Jeremy and never looked back, staying with him all the way until the last episode. Unfortunately, they were unable to snatch first place, as they took third place out of the final four pairs.

While it looks like this tik tok That Billy and Jeremy are not back together after a year love islandSeason 3, however, is thriving. She is currently doing some modeling work for international fashion brand Showbo.

4 Will Moncada

Entering the villa in Hawaii on day one, Will Moncada was celibate after day one, but he quickly married Kyra afterward and never looked back (even with some of the season’s hilarious, non-romantic moments). The two stayed together all the way to the finals, where they eventually finished second.

Although they broke up only three months after the end of Season 3 of love islandFans are speculating that Moncada and Kyra may be back together after Couple-like verbs in June. Away from his potential relationship, Moncada has been working on his photography skills, highlighting his favorite shots on his photo. Eye of will Instagram account.

3 Kira Lizama

One day residents love island Season 3, Kyra Lizama briefly paired up with Korey before meeting Will for the rest of her time on the show. The two would reach the finals, losing the win.

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A year after being on the island and amid speculation about her and Will, Lizama has been chronicling her travels in tik tok. she also recently announced In association with the jewelry company The Christy F Collection.

2 Olivia Kaiser

Olivia Kaiser, one of the original Ten Islanders, has a tumultuous villa ride, narrowly avoiding elimination twice. She eventually ended up pairing up with Corey on Day 32, a move that eventually won her third season. love island Corey also chose to split the winnings with her.

after its time love island Olivia and Corey mutually broke off their relationship (via Instagram), opting instead to remain friends. Olivia currently works as a cosmetologist in Arizona, where she runs her own beauty company Livbeautifullyaz.

1 kore gandhi

A fan favorite and first day residents of the villa season 3 of love island, Virginian Korey Gandy had a hard time finding connection, bouncing between the women on every re-pairing. Eventually he joined forces with Olivia and won it all in the finals, choosing to split the winnings with her.

With the two not being together, Corey was focusing on himself and could often be found while rehearsing Gym. He also runs his own clothing store, What a freakIn addition to an exclusive content page on the social platform Only the fans.

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