Netflix approached the English Premier League to shoot a documentary in the style of ‘Formula 1: Drive To Survive’

The producers of the popular Netflix series “Formula 1: Drive To Survive” have approached the English Premier League to produce a similar documentary.

Box To Box Films – the company behind Drive to Survive – wants to add the Premier League to its portfolio of sports that it covers in exclusive behind-the-scenes documentaries.

The English Premier League was approached through a documentary in style


The English Premier League has been approached by a documentary in the style of “Formula 1: Driving to survive”Credit: AP
Since DTS began broadcasting F1, it has seen huge popularity, with record viewing numbers in 2021


Since DTS began broadcasting F1, it has seen huge popularity, with record viewing numbers in 2021credit: Getty

according to timesClubs were informed of the idea earlier this week and talks will now take place ahead of the potential project.

F1 has seen a huge boom in popularity since the series began streaming on Netflix in 2019.

It gave viewers insight into an otherwise exclusive world where the driver’s character only shined at press conferences and on the right track.

Last season’s dramatic title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen saw record viewing figures and a number of races attended throughout the season.

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This included the Silverstone Grand Prix – where the attendance record was broken again this year with 142,000 people attending race day – and the season finale in Abu Dhabi which saw 108.7 million spectators.

In a possible collaboration between the Premier League and Box To Box, it is hoped a similar effect will be felt.

English clubs have already allowed Amazon to produce behind-the-scenes documentaries including Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and Crystal Palace.

Of course, the Premier League is a much bigger market than Formula One and it’s really close to rushing in the local sense.

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Consequently, the league chiefs have turned their attention internationally, which is seen as having the greatest growth potential in the Premier League.

Such a move is also likely to benefit streaming platform Netflix, after they lost 200,000 subscribers following a price hike in April.

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