The 10 biggest video game leaks of all time, ranked

Leaks for Pokemon, GTA VI and Half-Life 2

Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks are making the rounds on gaming news cycles at the moment. Almost everything about the project has been leaked, except for the source code, and fans across the board have been divided on what they should feel about it. Regardless, a leak of this size is impressive, but it’s far from the first.

In fact, leaks are a much bigger deal for video games than most other media. These leaks can alter the flow of development. Most of the time, it’s funny to see people from the past who don’t believe what players now know to be true.

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10 Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VIThe development of the game recently has seen a major leak, showing a lot of new game elements and story. While the female protagonist’s angle was already well known, this leak was something else entirely. Despite the early builds, there are actually plenty of dynamic elements present throughout.

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Additionally, plot elements seem to imply that the story will be heavily inspired by the true story of Bonnie and Clyde. There are also rights to songs from the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby, so it’s still set in the relatively modern era. The leaks are too many to sum up, but Rockstar’s statement confirms that the leaks are real (all of them are Official Twitter page).

9 Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate Players were shocked when he revealed that “everyone was here”. They weren’t kidding, and fans definitely loved the huge list. However, what most fans may not know is that the entire roster, as well as Ridley’s inclusion, was leaked months before this announcement.

this is Posted on GameFaqs Forums It was mocked that Ridley would be playable in the next iteration of Smash Bros. Not only that, but they were among the first to leak that it would be a new game that reused assets from previous games. It should be noted that the user here, Vergeben, has a good reputation for subtle leaks on the forums, and Continuously predicted Smash DLCensuring its entry into the Smash Bros wiki.

8 Our last part 2

Our last part 2 It was a controversial sequel, and it started long before its release. A month before the release, gameplay clips were uploaded to the Internet, which were initially harmless. They just offered a more polished version of the E3 levels. but, The biggest leak was the horrific fate to Joel by the playable character, Abby.

The revelation that Ellie wasn’t the only playable character was shocking enough. The fact that players would take control of Joel’s killer is what encouraged the online community to turn against the game, and it still does to this day. The controversial choice that was revealed a month before the game’s release has spoiled people’s expectations.

7 Fallout 4

Fallout 4 It wasn’t slated to release until 2015, but that didn’t stop Bethesda employees from leaking information, either intentionally or unintentionally. The first major leak came in the form of Post on r / games It revealed key elements such as the Boston location, the villainous institute, and of course the large presence of Android in the story.

As 2013 goes on, more and more clues seem to confirm that this major story leak was indeed true. In November 2013, another article revealed that the character was voiced, and many fans thought that was out of the way. Imagine their shock when this was confirmed, too.

6 Final Fantasy XV

Back in 2016, several plot elements around Final Fantasy XV It was leaked anonymously on 4chan and later Subscribed on Neogaf. It’s even funny that it was criticized globally and many claimed it was fake. They believed that no developer would allow this story in the final product, and thus, it was ignored at the time.

Elements such as the frustrating ending and the sudden switch in gameplay to a “survival” hunt were cited as absurd. When the game was launched, players enjoyed the story until the last chapter, which is exactly what the leaks said. As expected, it didn’t turn out well for the fans, who certainly didn’t consider the XV to be one of the best. Final Fantasy Toys.

Metal Gear Solid 3 It was the long-awaited third entry in Hideo Kojima’s stealth franchise, and fans were thirsty for any news. They finally got it in early 2003, when source has since been deleted, When the trailer for The game has been leaked He revealed that the game has gone way back in 1964.

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Of course, this means that the playable character will not be Solid Snake, but Big Boss, when he was still working with FOX. Many thought the game was set during the Vietnam War, but as the November release revealed, the plot was more closely related to the Cold War. However, the leak did a great job of impressing fans of the series.

4 gears of war 3

gears of war 3 It was nearing completion and scheduled for release in September 2011. This third entry was the final entry in the original Marcus Phoenix trilogy, and would soon pass the torch in War Gears 4. However, this exciting conclusion It was leaked 2 months agoalong with the rest of the game.

The entire game (albeit very buggy) was released online and included the entire single player campaign. The content was clearly not from a release, but leaking the entire campaign was still a huge blow to writers, who felt that the buggy mess wasn’t the way they wanted players to experience their story.

3 Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 It was a controversial development cycle, but the fruits of the efforts of the developers were liked by the players. However, pre-release leaks certainly didn’t help the developers get nervous. The long history of the leaks is detailed in u/timmmy8’s post on r/Games.

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Highlights include the leak of the entire map way back in April of 2016, which is amazing two and a half years before the game’s release. Screenshots followed the following month for what would later be known as Black Belle’s Hideaway. Once Rockstar officially announced the game in October 2016, key plot elements and game details were leaked on Reddit throughout 2017.

2 Pokemon (too many per modern generation)

Pokemon had a tough relationship with Dropouts starting in 2010. It’s even funny that most of them were leaked on forums constantly ridiculed as fake, only to be proven wrong a few months later. It doesn’t help that the veterans of the Pokemon Diversion cycle trick newbies into “sense of knowledge” by validating their (false) assumptions.

The 5th generation novice Pokémon was leaked on 4chan, and in the end, all new Pokémon were leaked over the course of a few months. This pattern will be repeated with nearly every modern generation, right up to sword and shield. In some cases, the final game may leak weeks before its worldwide release, much to the developers’ dismay.

1 half life 2

Without a doubt, one of the biggest leaks in PC gaming history, is a file early version of half life 2 issued was dubbed Half-Life 2: Beta by fans. It was leaked in 2003 and had a significantly different style than the final final design. It was dark and gothic, there were many types of enemies that were not present in the end game, and most importantly, the story was more diverse in place.

Although the playable beta was full of bugs and incomplete, all these details were clear. More importantly, the leaks revealed a security vulnerability in Valve servers, and this played a role in the delay half life 2Final release date. These events will also give developers time to rework the game’s aesthetic and narrative throughout the year. It’s a great example of how complex development can be, and how leaks aren’t always a foolproof example of a finished product.

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