The dead boy detectives cast the white lotus star by Lucas Gage


trance star Lucas Gage Added to HBO’s Team dead boy detectivesAnd the diverse reports. The eight-part series was ordered on stream in April and is based on DC Comics of the same name, and is part of hypnotic, From the characters created by Neil Gaiman And the Matt Wagner.

Gaiman and Wagner first introduced the central characters in Sandman #25In which the ghosts of two dead children, instead of entering the afterlife, remain on Earth to become detectives investigating supernatural crimes. The color stripe describes the series as “an old police series – just darker and on the acid.” dead boy detectives It is said to be a new take on ghost stories that will explore loss, grief and death from the perspective of two deceased British teenagers, Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, along with their living friend Crystal Palace. Saw a DC Dom Patrol before Sebastian Croft And the Ty Tennant Filmed by Roland and Payne during Season Three.

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He will portray Cage Cat King, a charming crook and wandering cat spirit who cares deeply about Edwin. George Rextro And the Jayden River (Destiny: Winx SagaEdwin and Charles will play, respectively, while Cassius Nelson (Last night in Soho) will portray their friend in the biology, Krystal. The series also features Brianna Coco Like Jenny the Butcher, Yoyo Kitamura like nico, Jane Lyon as Esther, and Ruth Connell re-discipline her Doom Patrol The role of the night nurse.

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Gage has become a superstar in the Emmy Award-winning HBO series white lotus Where he played Dillion. He then went on to star in a series of songs trance like Tyler. He also appeared in the Peacock Limited Series Angeline She is scheduled to appear in the new season of the fan-favourite Netflix series You are. His feature film credits include Daniel Goldhaber Property How to blow up a pipelinewhich premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Jake Gyllenhaal championship road house A new edition, which is currently in production.

Beth Schwartz (ArrowAnd the Capital legends of tomorrow) as a co-exhibitor along with Steve Yok who wrote the pilot and also serves as an executive producer. Jeremy Carver And the David Madden Under their blanket deals with Warner Bros. TV along with Greg BerlantiAnd the Sarah SchechterAnd the Lee London Redman Berlanti Productions will serve as executive producers.

The release date has not yet been determined by the streamer.

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