The massacre leads to his most brutal murder yet

While crossing Norse realms, Carnage encounters a being who feeds on sins, and the dark history of the symbiote gives him more than he can handle.

Warning: SPOILERS for Carnage #5In the Marvel universe, massacre Known for his brutal murder, this history of violence has just enabled him to launch his most brutal attack ever.

Now that Carnage has been separated from his host Cletus Kasady, the symbiote is on a mission to increase his strength and become a semi-god. After stealing the powers of the super-villain Hydro-Man and the Spot, Carnage traverses the Norse kingdoms with a fellow serial killer in search of Malekith the Accursed. At first he stops in Svartalfheim to kill some dark elves and own a hell dog before entering the world of Niffleheim.

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in Carnage #6 With Ram V and Roge Antonio, Carnage continues his journey with serial killer Kenneth Neely at his side. Sensing Karnage’s presence, Hela sends an army of zombies to try to stop him. After that, she also sends out a flying illusion like the creature named Rosvelg that feeds on sins. After eating Nellie’s sins, the creature turns into Carnegie, who is too happy to let the monster enjoy all the terrible things he’s done. This sensation is so overwhelming that Rosvelg becomes bloated. His stomach begins to rupture, and he vomits before he experiences what is described as a death orgasm.

Normally when Marvel fans think of Carnage and killing him, they imagine him cutting body parts and torturing people, but this is a whole new level of anarchy. Besides simply using his parable symbol to pass on his sins to the creature, Carnage doesn’t necessarily do anything physical. In fact, it is all spiritual and psychological. Carnage uses not only his past but also his relationship to that past in order to psychologically overcome the monster’s impulses and turn its power against it.

Part of what makes this possible is not only Carnage’s chaotic nature but also the fact that he is a symbiote. When the serial killer almost encounters the same thing, it seems as if the sins he committed are turned against him as he suffers in the process. It’s something similar to Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare. But when Carnage goes through the same process, he is not the least affected by the sins he was forced to resurrect. He enjoys it and is really able to pour out the meal of sin that the creature cannot eat. So the fact that massacre Being able to actually kill something just by being charged with all the sins it has committed is really a brutal way to experience death, especially when a creature is already enjoying the experience of sins.

Carnage #6 Available now from Marvel Comics.

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