What does Cyno’s teaser trailer mean for the update story

Cyno Teaser Genshin

After the huge jump in hype after Jinshin effect Version 3.1, livestream, HoYoverse has now released a teaser revealing some important information about the upcoming character, Cyno. This trailer, although only under two minutes, shows a lot of the character’s character, as well as her place in the story and the Sumero region as a whole. While many of the story elements that were presented are fully consistent with information from Jinshin effect Version 3.1 already released, it’s still interesting to see now it’s official, removing all speculation.

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Cyno, the ruler of secrets, is the latest 5-star character, Electro, Polearm, released in the first half of version 3.1. His appearance can be dated all the way to the release Chapter story preview Teyvat: Travail In September 2020, the character was introduced as one of the possible allies to face Jinshin effect Sumero District. This means that the character’s design, character, and the way they fit into the story were known at least in part from the start. Due to this, there seems to be a wealth of information to reveal from Cyno’s character teaser alone.

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As players know from Jinshin effect Version 3.0, Sumeru is the area that worships the god of wisdom, Lord Minor Kusanali, although its current status may be somewhat neglected. Instead, researchers and scholars seek knowledge, and are pushed to become fully enlightened by wisdom. However, to keep researchers in check and ensure that knowledge is not misused, the Academy employs a force called Matra to send those trying to participate in risky research. Their leader is the powerful Cyno in Jinshin effect, is General Mahamatra and sports a cool personality who seems completely focused on his job, without showing much emotion. This fits perfectly with a character who is meant to be a judge and protector of knowledge and secrets.

How will Cyno’s introduction change the story in the Jinshin Effect?

to me Jinshin effect Same story, it appears that the traveler will team up with someone from the Academia which leads to an alliance with Cyno. With the re-introduction of Scaramouche and Dottore in Jinshin effect Version 3.1 trailer, these enemies will likely be after Sumeru’s precious and forbidden wisdom. Thus, the combined team of Cyno and Traveler can lead to a head-to-head fight with Dottore or Scaramouche. This would easily create a key link between the Sumero region and the story in general, as it brings together new characters like Cyno, with old villains like the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Furthermore, being General Mahamatra, Cyno can lead the traveler on a series of missions investigating dangerous research, as well as stopping illegal experiments.

While several leaks indicate that this type of story has occurred, none of these events have actually been confirmed. Cyno, at this point, looks like a great character, with his cool and mysterious demeanor, as well as his unique fighting style. Being a feared and respected leader of the Matra, Cyno should be an interesting companion throughout the new patch. Meanwhile, while Jinshin effect The release of version 3.1 is fast approaching, and Cyno’s appearance as a main NPC and playable character is becoming more and more exciting.

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