Who is Rhea Royce and House Royce in House of the Dragon?


Editor’s Note: The following contains a burner for episodes 1-5 of House of the Dragon.Although everyone is talking about the horrific wedding on this week’s episode of Dragon House‘We Light The Way’ began on a violent note. after his brother King Viserys I expelled him from King’s Landing (Buddy Considine), Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) back to the valley. While venturing home, he meets his estranged wife, Rhea Royce (Rachel Redford). Rhea Royce is the Lady of the House Royce and rules the kingdom of their ancestors Runston.

A demon admitted that he does not care about his wife, claiming that she is his madness. Satan tries to seduce his niece, Rhinera Targaryen (Millie Alcock), and suggests to Viserys that they are married. He insists that Targaryens have been married within their lineage for generations. Either way, Satan will marry a new bride. Although the scene cuts before the act, we can believe that he killed Rhea and classified the crime scene as a hunting accident.

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This immediately attracts suspicion, as the marital difficulties of Rhea and Dammons become known to all. Rhea’s cousin, Sir Jerrold Royce (Owen OakeshotR), attending Rhaenyra’s wedding to Laenor Velaryon (Theo Nate) in King’s Landing. There, a demon is accused of murder, which indicates that he knows Damon was involved in Rhea’s death. A demon cruelly insults the people of The Vale and simply asks Jerrold when he will be given his inheritance. Without heirs, with Rhea’s death, the Devil is technically the heir to Runestone.

Although Rhea doesn’t get much screen time Dragon Househer role is embodied in George RR Martin‘s fire and bloodHouse Royce continues to play a pivotal role in Game of thrones.

How was Rhea and Damon’s marriage?

In the pilot episode, “Heirs of the Dragon”, Sir Otto Hightower (Rhys EvansShe claims that Riya is honest, which infuriates Satan. He was married to Rhea in an arranged marriage – like many other nobles in Westeros – and it was not of his choosing. In “We Light the Way,” Rhea appears to be completely self-reliant. She is clearly a skilled horse rider, seasoned hunter, and even mocks her husband. Although she appears to be able to defend herself, a demon surprises her. She extends her hand to her bow, but he stuns her horse, causing her to fall and break her neck. A demon steps on her arm and begins to walk away before throwing one last blade at him, prompting him to pick up a rock and turn back towards her.

in fire and blood, Rhea acquired The Vale after succeeding Lord Robert Royce. As in the show, Rhea and Damon do not have children together, although Damon has a child infected with the “white worm”, Mesaria (Sonoya Mizuno). Similar to the show, Daemon and Rhea are separated while they fight at the Stepstones. Although the book does not confirm that Daemon killed Rhea, it appears that he may have had something to do with him, given that Rhea was a talented hunter and was not likely to be rid of her horse. When Deamon goes to Runestone to claim his inheritance, he is turned away by Lady Jeyne Arryn who refuses to give him anything, and kicks him out of The Vale. Then Raya’s nephew inherits the valley.

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What is the history of House Royce

Although House Royce rules in The Vale, they are fiercely loyal to their pioneer, House Arryn (a family that appears prominently in Game of thrones). House Arryn rules over the Eyrie. During Aegon’s first Targaryen invasion, the Arrens pledged allegiance to King’s Landing. They have a close relationship with the homes of the North because of their location. later during Game of thronesThey are related to each other through marriage.

House Royce are indicated by the bronze color of their shields and sigils. Their coat of arms is a black iron inlay on a bronze field with a runic border on the outside. Even a demon notes the significance when he refers to his wife as “the bronze bitch”. The Royce mainly work in bronze and specialize in their shields with runes from their homeland. This is an ancient tradition that aims to protect their soldiers in combat.

in game of thrones

House Royce continues his loyalty to the North in Game of thrones. It is reported that the former head of the family, Kyle Royce, was executed by the “Mad King” during the reign of Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) rebellion. In season 4, we meet Yohn Royce (Robert Vancitart), who attended the hearing of Lord Peter Baelish (Aidan Gillin). Yohn suspects Littlefinger is responsible for Lysa Arryn’s death (Katie Dickey). He later mentored Lysa’s son Robin (Lino Facioli). Yohn’s eldest son, Robar, serves as the King’s keeper to Renly Baratheon (Gethin Anthony), but was killed by Brian TarthGwendolyn Christie) shortly after Renly’s death.

Littlefinger succeeds in courting Robin to his cause. Robin suspects Yohn of betraying Littlefinger, and nearly casts him to his death. Like the other Northern Lords, Yohn swears allegiance to Jon Snow (Kit Harington) as the new king of the north. Valley forces aid John’s army in retaking Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Ryun). Yohn manages to get revenge on Littlefinger while watching the role of Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) execute him.

Vale’s forces assist Jon at Winterfell again during the battle against the White Walkers. Unfortunately, Yoon’s other son, Weimar (Rob Oster), was killed during the battle. After the death of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), Yohn and Robin cast their votes to elect Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) Heir to the Iron Throne.

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