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Cobra Kai He finished Shozen’s assignment, raising questions about his future in the series. After appearing in two episodes of the third season and returning in a surprise cameo at the end of the fourth season, Karate Kid Part Two The villain served as a main character during the battle to take down Terry Silver. Kosen was an important part of Cobra Kai Season 5, but whether or not it will survive is not explained at the end.

Chozen had a clear goal in the Netflix series. When he came to the valley he was destined to achieve one goal and that was to defeat the Cobra Kai Dojo. After implementing an admittedly flawed plan to attack Silver in his home, the main characters finally succeed in removing the villain from power. In addition to playing a pivotal role in stopping him, Kozen has also proven through his martial skills that he is the better martial artist between the two. Now that Silver has been dealt with, the franchise is free to move on to the next chapter, which is sure to be filled with a new set of challenges for Johnny, Daniel, and everyone else.

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Johnny and Daniel are likely to continue training their students, while Shozen’s future is in Cobra Kai less clear. After all, he did what he set out to do, so he really had no reason to stay in the Valley after Season 5 ended. However, the popularity of his character gives him excellent prospects for a return in Season 6. Plus, the series has a way of justifying his continued presence in the Valley when the series returns. Chozen had already begun training the students, so helping them secure their participation in Sekai Taikai could motivate him to see him through to the end.

What could be the story of Chozen’s Cobra Kai Season 6

Cobra Kai He has quite a few potential options when it comes to exploring the future of Shozen in the series. In the season’s penultimate episode, it was confirmed that Shozen had romantic feelings for Kumiko, but unless the show plans to somehow bring her into the valley, it’s unclear how. Cobra Kai This disclosure will continue. There’s also the moment he had with Tory in episode 2, which he showed him helping her focus. This would have been an early step towards making Chozen Tory’s new karate mentor. With Kreese on the run, it may be necessary for her to find someone else to help her grow as a fighter.

All things considered, Cobra Kai She still has more stories to tell with Shozen, who can continue to contribute humor, action, and storytelling to the show in meaningful ways. So, while Cousin’s job does indeed come to an end, Cobra Kai He definitely has every reason to start a new story for him in Season 6. It would be a missed opportunity if the show didn’t keep him as an ally in Johnny and Daniel’s efforts to win Sky Taekai.

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