How to use the IFS function in Microsoft Excel

If you are familiar with using the IF function in Excel, you may be ready to check out the IF function. With it, you can test multiple conditions simultaneously, instead of using nested IF statements. With IFS, you can test up to 127 conditions in a single Excel formula. Although this number of tests is probably a lot more than you need, the job is ideal for checking several conditions. The formula then returns the value you specify for the first true condition in the statement. Use the IFS function…

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How to locate a lost Android phone that has been turned off

Person using maps on a phone

Losing a phone is one of the most devastating emotions, especially considering how much of our lives we digitally store on it, including contacts, wallet, and even car keys. If your phone is password protected, you can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief. There are obvious services in place that help you locate your lost Android phone by pinging its GPS location connection. But what if your cell phone is turned off? Can you still track it? Can you track a phone that has been turned off? Short answer –…

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Old Google Photos Corrupted For Some Users – Geek Review

BigTunaOnline / Longtime Google Photos users may want to check their archives to see if their memories were damaged in a strange data corruption incident. mentioned by 9to5Google. Over the weekend, some users noticed that many photos over five years old now contain deep streaks, slits, and white dots. 9to5Google Describes defects as similar to water damage on physical images. And while not all users are affected, reports indicate that corrupted Google Photos come from the service’s Android and iOS apps and web apps. Reports appear to be uniform…

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Say goodbye to your Fitbit account in 2023 – see Geek

Fitbit Fitbit users should prepare to start using a Google account to sign in to their devices next year. Google acquired The fitness electronics company is in 2021 and plans to migrate all existing Fitbit accounts to Google Accounts by 2025. the edge It is reported that a Google Account will be necessary for “certain uses” of Fitbit devices starting in 2023. The company plans to migrate all existing Fitbit accounts to Google Accounts by 2025. Google is also renaming the service “Fitbit by Google.” Information about forced migration comes…

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What is a Tesla supercharger and how much does it cost to use it?


Charging an electric vehicle (EV) is not as simple as filling your car’s fuel tank and stopping when it’s full. But thanks to Tesla’s supercharger network, the process is now faster and more convenient. Tesla’s vast network of superchargers is trying to address electric car owners’ biggest fear: running out of battery. But how exactly does a supercharger work, how much does it cost, and who can use it? What is a Tesla supercharger? The Tesla Supercharger is a 480V fast charging technology designed by Tesla for electric vehicles. Simply…

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LEGO Reveals Largest Mandalorian Razor Crest Superstar Collection – Geek Review

Puzzle Games If you have $600, you might want to invest it in a new LEGO game Razor Crest . Collection. It’s a huge recreation for The MandalorianThe famous spacecraft, which contains 6,187 pieces and is more than two feet long. LEGO released the original Razor Crest in 2020. But this new set is twice as long (28 inches total) and contains six times (6,187) pieces of the old Razor Crest. It also comes with a slew of cool stuff – a display stand, removable engine, cockpit, escape compartment, carbon…

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How to fix Outlook error 0x800CCC90 when receiving emails on Windows

outlook 0x800CCC90 error

Here’s how to fix Outlook error 0x800CCC90 on Windows, so you can get back to your emails. When sending and receiving emails from your Microsoft Outlook client, you may encounter error 0x800CCC90. This error can occur for several reasons. Some common contributing factors include multiple POP3 accounts in your Outlook profile, port blocking, and issues with the Outlook client. If your email client is affected by this error, here are some troubleshooting steps that you can try to solve in Windows. 1. Create and configure a new group for sending…

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7 features of Google Sites to make your website stand out

Google Sites offers an impressive set of features to create an eye-catching website. Whether your project is a collection of your work, an informative place for your club, or a way to keep the family in the loop, let’s take a look at these handy features. Social media links Added in August 2022The Social Links feature allows you to insert and customize buttons that link to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Open your site and go to the page where you want the social media…

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12 essential tips and tricks for new Nintendo Switch owners

A Nintendo Switch sitting propped up on a banister

The Nintendo Switch console is a great device with loads of games, features and a lot of customization in the way you play your favorite games. If you’re new to owning a Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to learn basic tips and tricks to get the most out of your console. While doing anything on the Switch, you can press and hold & residence button to access a quick menu. From here, you can adjust screen brightness, toggle Airplane mode, and put the system to sleep (like pressing the power button).…

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10 things you can do with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger opened on mobile

Facebook Messenger is a diverse platform that covers your social communication needs with more than just a text chat. The app started as a way for people on Facebook to connect without any interruption. Over the years, we’ve seen Messenger transform into a very interactive app that keeps you hooked. why? The answer to this lies in the top 10 things you can do with Facebook Messenger. Exciting Features of Facebook Messenger Here are some of the most popular features of Facebook Messenger that make your experience worthwhile. 1. Have…

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